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    I use my iphone for everything. Isn't that what apple wants. Why then do you constantly ruin it for me? I keep a cheap pair of headphones at my work, now I need an adapter for that. And my really cheap headphones didn't seem to be supported. What? They aren't supported? I need the adapter for the car so I had to get one for there, because you no longer let my iphone/ipod work in my CTS. Again, who are you upgrading your products for. I am not going to buy a new car just because APPLE feels like making another product. Come on. And I don't like having a stupid tail coming off of my iphone. Steve must be rolling over on this one. Poor quality, bad idea and not well thought out. And PLEASE don't suggest I get airbuds. People use headphones. Simple, easy! Stop trying to be so above technology. You're actually holding us down now. Go back to an audio port. It was right there no mess no fuss. I may switch to a samsung if you keep messing with the phone and if they can keep from exploding. Technology FAIL APPLE!

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    Terrible quality for the price

    I bought the iPhone 7 in the full knowledge I'd have to use an adaptor. It's mildly annoying, but the phone is great, so fine. I accept that. But the adaptor is one of the most poorly built cables I have ever had the displeasure to own. Currently, after about 6 months of ownership, I am on my fifth cable. Not lost, just worn out. I do use earphones more than the average person does (probably 8-10 hours/day), but in that same period I haven't had to replace the cable on my earphones once. As best I can tell they fail where the cables connect to the er... connectors, which shouldn't be that hard a problem to solve. And these are £10 each - obviously can be replaced on guarantee, but after 5 it starts to look a bit weird. And is annoying.

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    Loss of the headphone jack, jacks with my job

    I am a dance teacher and we all use our iPhones to play music on our sound system. The fact that the new iPhone 7 not having a headphone jack has caused us many a headache. Our sound system is a professional system and does not have bluetooth therefore we cannot connect our phones that way. Not only has it been an inconvenience and a head ache but I have now lost my adapter because of the frequent use at the studio (not sure where it went). Why??? Not everyone uses Bluetooth technology and we are not going to update our sound systems that we paid thousands for to be compatible with the iPhone 7. Oh, and you can't find them in stores either. Always sold out...hmmmm, I wonder why??

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    needed to use iPhone for live gig sounds alongside iPad. the output from this is too noisy to use when the analog out of iPad is pristine. nearly useless except for non-critical headphone use

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    Another thing to lose track of

    I love my iPhone 7 Plus . . . except for now I have to carry a dongle to use my headphones. Every pair that I have purchased over the past few decades are now obsolete? I don't think so.

    I am extremely disappointed in the "courageous" decision to remove the headphone jack and require me to remember where I put my dongle.

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    Say Goodbye to Cheap Headphones

    I have an IPhone 7 now and oh how I miss the days of grabbing whatever pair of headphones to listen in the car or to go run with.
    I used to buy a bunch of the $7 head phones to have around the house, because they always get lost and you can never find them when you need them. Now with the iPhone 7 the cheapest pair are about $30 and extra dongles are $10 each that usually end up breaking and getting lost even easier. Whoever thought of getting rid of the headphone jack doesn't have a normal family that loses headphones all the time. We have gone from listening to music all the time to now not being able to because we couldn't fine a stinking dongle or their one pair of headphones. Thanks A Lot Rachel! Thanks A Lot! I hope your happy, because I've told mom.

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    Stop Complaining and Being Cheap

    The quality and price of the adapter is great. I use it in my car since it is an older model and doesn't have Bluetooth. I can't understand why people are complaining about the removal of the headphone jack except that these people are just cheap and don't want to change with the times. Just about everyone uses Bluetooth headphones now so if you don't like the adapter buy Bluetooth headphones it's not that big of a deal and they make Bluetooth headphones that are even audio production quality so audio quality isn't an issue.

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    Not fit for the purpose

    I have a relatively expensive pair of wired headphones, so I don't wish to replace them. Consequently I need these adapters to listen to music on my phone. On average, the adapters are lasting around 2-3 months before failing. I am not treating them in any way out of the ordinary, leading me to conclude that the build quality is severely lacking. The cable itself is exceptionally thin, and I suspect that this is the cause of all my problems.

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    Absolutely terrible

    What a terrible idea.

    I have several high-end headphones that need this thing.
    The pain is that I have to keep track of this guy to use my headphones.
    What if I leave it connected to one pair? All my other headphones are useless until I remember where I left it.

    Worst idea in history.

    I tried to get around it by buying several knock-off pairs and leaving them connected to each pair of headphones.
    Doh! Apple caught on and now my phone won't work with the cheap-o (read affordable) replacements.

    This may be a deal-breaker for me in the end with Iphones....

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    Ear Phone Adapter

    I bought a 2nd one thinking it was damaged but it wasn't. I'm VERY disappointed because I cannot listen to my music/podcast in my car using the AUX. Apple you really "JACKED" this up. not to mention the microphone is not compatible so I'm screwed. my phone is 2 weeks new and I'm dying I want my 5c back!

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    Utter tosh.

    Go wireless. That's all I can say! It is the most infuriating adaptor ever, the slightest movement causes the contacts to part meaning, yes you've guessed it, NO SOUND through your headphones. This would be alright if it was an occasional incident, but you can't move without this happening. Waste of money.

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    Works Great

    I got my iPhone 7 back in Mid January and this little adapter has worked great ever since. Use it everyday with my beats and regular earbuds. I feel like all the other people are being very rough with theirs because I have had no problem with it. I'm not overly rough on it but not very careful either. Works great in the end and does what it's suppose too! I was worried about having to charge at the same time and listening to music too but the iPhone 7 had a great battery so it's been fine.

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    i TOO have now thrown away two of these connectors because they simply FAIL. On top of that, i can no longer listen to music through my car's Lexus sound system because after connecting it through these gizmos it plays about 10 minutes before i get an announcement, "This is an unauthorized whatever" and the system shuts down entirely. Big mistake in consumer design.

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    ugh, god

    utter garbage. this is the poorest design on an apple product i have ever seen!! i just got my phone three months ago and i'm about to purchase my third dingle/dongle/whatever. you can't make a sturdier adapter, apple? i don't even knock it around!!!! i connect it to the aux cable in my car and then to the speakers at my job. i don't use headphones, i don't plug it in and take it out of many different devices day in and day out. only those two things, ever! maybe once you've pilfered enough funds out of the pockets of your loyal customers, ten bucks at a time, you'll think of a sound solution? just in time for your new phone with the inclusion of a headphone jack, i'll bet.

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    Epic Fail

    This is by far the worst design Apple has ever come up with!!!! I just had to have the newest iPhone (7s) when it came out.
    Don't loose the adapter because you can't listen to your Beats at the gym :( - longest workout ever
    Can't charge your phone and use your earbuds at the same time- call you back
    Can't adapt my phone to my car to listen to my tunes from my phone
    Can't use my Apple earbuds on my MacBook because I yep...lost the adapter

    I hope they fix this on the iPhone 8s

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    Obnoxious Innovation

    I understand that Apple is trying to create a fully waterproof device and the greatest way to do it was by ridding the necessary headphone jack, and maybe not a lot of other people know that due to apple staying quiet, but this is ridiculous. It's so small and flimsy, and I keep losing track of it in my backpack. I have to pay 10 dollars everytime I need another one since headphones weren't built for iP7, and that is unnecessary agony. I'd rather have the headphone jack and risk destroying my phone in liquid than to constantly switch headphones from the one built for iPhone to normal headphones, because this is too much work.
    I give them 2 stars, because at least they tried to find a solution to their mistake.

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    I have a nice pair of audio technica headphones, but it's frustrating to try to use them with the iPhone 7. The provided dongle is junk and broke. I had to buy a base to charge and play at the same time, hardly an ideal solution. Please bring back the 3.5 audio port.

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    Terrible, short-sighted product

    Having been an Apple customer since 1994, I've seen some great things and very few not great things but the introduction of this dongle is boneheaded and reminds me of the dongle required to make a Newton work with a wired printer. The dongle is fragile, small and susceptible to loss, and is truly annoying, especially if you have invested in decent headphones. It is the one thing I hate about having bought an iPhone 7+.

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    Great Product

    The whole product is amazing, but the one issue is I cant ever find it. I wish it had the feature like airpods to track it. I recommend buying one

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    Astonishingly poor design, usability, and quality

    I've been an Apple fan for the last decade, but the iPhone 7 is doing a great job of fixing that. This cheaply made adapter lets me use my expensive 3.5mm headset, which I need as I spend much of the day on the phone. But of course there hasn't been an iPhone yet that could make more than a few hours of phone calls without being plugged in ... only ... this adapter gives you no way to charge and talk at the same time. So my phone has essentially become unusable as a phone except for a couple of hours each day. I have to carry the adapter with me everywhere I might want to use headphones, and if I lose the headphones with the adapter still attached to them (which I did today), it's not even like I can run out and grab a cheap set of replacement headphones. I need to go out and buy another adapter.

    Tim Cook called the removal of the headphone jack a "brave" thing that required courage. Tim Cook might be a fantastic logistics person and a gloriously skilled CEO, but he has no understanding of how people actually use his products.

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