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    Headphone jacks shouldn't be made obsolete

    I've been a loyal customer to Apple since the iphone 3. I understand wanting to be innovative, but removing the headphone jack has been more problematic than I anticipated. If someone wants to use the headphones that were included with the purchase of their iphone 7/7 plus, they can't charge their phone at the same time. If someone drives a car that doesn't have bluetooth capabilities, they have to use the adapter to plug into the standard aux cord jack.

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    Not very often I'd accuse Apple of poor design but this certainly one of them! Not sure about the wisdom of combining the headphone socket with the charging port but it's really inconvenient and annoying! I often make long conference calls with headphones for convenience and privacy whilst watching the charge level go down on my phone as I can't charge the phone when making a call or listening to media. As my iPad has a regular headphone socket I then have to remove this jack adaptor from my headphones to use my iPad and, being so tiny, I'm forever losing it. I'm now on my third adaptor (at £9 each) and I've had my phone just a few weeks. Assuming this is marketing tool to try to sell me wireless headphones.... I'd rather be moving to new technology for convenience and coolness rather than getting away from an irritating re-design of a formerly well performing product!

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    The worst design "upgrade"

    The worst design "upgrade" and will be a standing joke for years to come. What a bunch of bobble heads, OH YA THIS WILL BE GREAT!
    1. The vinyl cable coating cracks off , cheap just buy more...
    2. Can't charge and listen
    3. External mic's - nope.
    4. Wireless buds fall out all the time... on the ground, ya I'm going to carry hand sanitizer for buds now.
    5. Belkin has a Y connector developed for adapter-o-rama, awesome. See a need, fill a need, good job Belkin here's my 40 bucks!

    I already tried to get my 6 back... if this wasn't a company issued phone it would have been returned.

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    Get the shovels. Big Hole. Seven pair earbuds. DEAD.

    I LOVE the iphone & ipads...But . Lightining cable (short!) (fragile!) is a pain. deal with it. But my music. "The Dongle" Is JUNK Static, awkward, now broke. Gota do my homework.,guess 2 pair bluetooth headphones/earbuds. More charging. More begging for it to connect right. Its like having a Mercedes and door handle rattles,......Consumer Reports, car reviews, had Fit & Finish category. Radio knob, door buttons, lights.... "Dongle" falls under that category. Iphone rating/review takes a hit. Apple. FIX THE CHARGERS & CABLES. Its a JOKE!

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    A different opinion

    I have one of these and am about to order a second. At $9, I consider it an "impulse" buy. I have a couple of situations where I like to go 'old school' and plug my iPhone 7 Plus directly into things. One is my boom-mic headset that I wear when making phone calls at my workstation -- I do this based on the reactions of people I'm speaking with (they can hear me best when I have a mic so close to my mouth). I have also taken this headset when I travel and use rental cars, being (sometimes) too impatient to try to work out bluetooth connectivity. If I'm in a hurry, sometimes a simple solution is best. The other situation is in my own car, which has inconsistent bluetooth behavior -- sometimes it's awesome and automatic, sometimes it won't connect. Going direct is the workaround. So my mentality is to simply leave one of these adapters connected, at all times, to the devices that aren't wireless. I'll leave one connected to the cable in my car, and I'll leave one connected to my headset. It's a no-brainer if I never have to think about it. To the people who say it eliminates the microphone connection -- I don't know what you're experiencing, that's the whole point of using it with a headset -- to maintain that functionality. I use it for phone calls regularly. So don't necessarily go by those users' experiences -- it isn't my experience, not by a long shot.

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    Worst device ever!

    I just had my new iphone 7 and I saw this device, and I knew that I will lose it. And I have.
    You may wish to buy something more useful, like a battery with a 3.5" jack embedded on it, that is something that might get the iphone useful again.

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    So inconvenient

    I understand the whole double speaker thing with the iPhone 7 but I hate having to use this adapter to listen to music or whatever on my phone. You can't do anything without it. It's so important but so easy to misplace all the time. I don't understand why the headphone jack had to be taken away from the phones. It is extremely inconvenient and inefficient. They could of at least given us the adapter in addition to a pair of headphones with the adapter built into it.

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    Terrible Choice and Quality by Apple

    I travel a lot for work. The result, get off plane and into a rental car and need to charge phone and listen to directions to get me to where I need to go, but NO, cant do that! It is no longer possible to charge and use the speaker at the same time. It is no longer possible to charge and take a call on speaker or with headphones at the same time either.... and yet another small piece to keep track of in the travel process? Does anyone in the apple staff travel? It seems it was simply not considered in the design process. This is my 3rd adapter. 1st lost because its another small piece to keep track of, 2nd just stopped working after 3 months, and finally a 3rd we will see...

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    Hardly used it for 2 hours and stopped working

    Hardly used it for 2 hours and stopped working, DO NOT BUY IPHONE 7

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    Really really disappointing

    After investing thousands of dollars in iTunes and other devices in the Apple platform, this is the most insulting feature yet. Sound quality is terrible, and for those people who love music, the Bluetooth option is even more mediocre. The designers have no respect for the Apple community of customers.

    Quality must be in the grave with Mr. Jobs. What were you thinking?

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    It only lasted a month....

    I bought a adapter about a month ago because the 3.5mm jack on my iPhone 6S Plus stopped working. I use it everyday at work, Monday to Friday, and it gave up the ghost today... just like the original headphones the 3.5mm adapter bends a lot while in my pocket while doing random tasks thus breaking the fragile wires inside... :( good thing the adapters are cheap...

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    Bad Music quality

    Definitely decreases music quality compared to the old standard headphone Jack. I dont know why Apple did this. Obviously speed does not equal music quality here.

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    Not recognized

    Phone doesn't seem to recognize the adaptor half the time. Did Apple suddenly ditch the whole 'it just works' philosophy, because this certainly doesn't work as described.

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    Very Glitchy

    Works maybe 50% of the time, but never on the first try. Doesn't matter which headphones I use, nothing fixes the problem. I've tried my Apple ear buds from my previous phone (iPhone 6) and they don't fix the problem. I've tried my Bose QC15 headphones and they don't fix the problem. Audio plays from the phone speakers instead of the headphones. I have to plug and unplug the adapter several times to get it recognized. I've tried plugging and unplugging from the lightning side and from the 3.5mm audio jack side, doesn't matter. Even tried flipping the lightning connector, still doesn't matter. Very disappointing. I'm using iOS 10.2.1. This iPhone 7 and adapter had the issue right out of the box (purchased about 1 month ago, Feb-2017, from Verizon).

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    I used the adapter only 2 times a week for 5 months then it stopped working. When I plugged it in the other day, the music came out of the speakers from the phone not my headphones. They replace it for free for the first year but you have to go to the Apple Store which is a HUGE pain. If Apple is going to provide an adapter instead of an actual headphone jack, is should at least be durable. I am extremely disappointed that Apple got rid of the headphone jack. I hope they bring it back in future iPhone models.

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    Don't buy!

    I got mine with my iPhone, but after just 2 months it almost completely stopped working. I get choppy sound and sometimes one or even two sides of my earphones don't have any sound.

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    Solid product and works as expected

    great quality! apple even thought about the rubberish base on the lighting end that will not scratch your phone and have a great snagging fit. with apple iphone 6 headset works exactly like the new (iphone 7) headset - same music quality, same controls! i have a few headsets from the previous iphones and will use it with this adapter!

    sorry for the folks that can't use it with other non-apple products....

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    Hate Lightning to 3.5mm Headphone

    I hate this adapter. It is so easy to misplace and then your expensive noise canceling headphones are unusable. This has happened on multiple occasions making long airline flights much more annoying. Also, I hate that I can't listen to my headphones and charge my phone - I tried an after-market version that does both but the sound quality is horrible. I listen to music while working a lot and I really don't want to have bluetooth signal going an inch from brain at all times so I refuse to replace with a wireless version which seems to be the very heavy handed intent of this. I have been on the iPhone since the iPhone 3 but will certainly consider a change to either the new Samsung or Google Pixel when my contract is up.

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    Piece of Junk

    Severe degradation of sound quality and breaks easily.

    The adapter that I purchased from Apple broke soon after it was put to use. I then bought a cheaper adapter from Groupon in hopes that it would be a semi-decent substitute. It worked well for about two days until it was on its last limb. I even tried a variety of different headphones to hook up to both of the adapters that were purchased through Apple and Groupon; it was proven not to be the root cause of the problem.

    I believe the root cause of the poor sound quality as well as its over functional (in)ability is the adapter itself, regardless of what brand you purchase. As a last attempt, I am going to purchase one more from Apple. Fingers crossed.

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    Worst headphone Jack Adapter

    The Headphone Jack adapter is not working on the 12th day....so disappointed. sound quality is bad.....Will Apple replace it for free .....

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