• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great case

    Just picked the case up. As others have stated, it does scratch easier than more higher quality leather, but like all leather, it will scratch. It's essentially the same as the last iPhones model but this time the buttons are what I assume to be plastic(?) but could be wrong on the material. These work so much better than when the buttons were leather and had to be broken in and these allow the nice mechanical click that you normally get when you push the buttons without a case.

    Great case but it is LEATHER. It is meant to show signs of wear and tear so if you want it to be brand new like when you buy it, don't purchase it! It's quite thin but enough cushion to handle small drops. I hardly drop my phone so I like the aesthetic part of it and the grippy feel of leather. Overall great minimalist case.

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    Unique feature

    What this case doesn't tell you is it's uniqueness of how of it ages overtime. Other cases might remain static with their look, but Apple's leather case remains durable with that distinct look where the shade of brown cordially darkens from the different angles of case that properly blend a premium look to the iPhone.

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    Scratches super easy, thin.

    I just received this case and already I have found the case to be scratched. I put the case in my pocket, as I normally would, pulled it out and then it had multiple scrapes and scratches. Quality is not good. Super thin too. Drop this case with your phone and your phone is dead. Unlike one of the reviews exclaim, it does NOT look good scratched or oily.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great case. Classy look.

    The fit of the case is perfect on my iphone 7. Buttons function flawlessly. The leather is tightly bonded on top of the case body. The leather surface is smooth. To address other comments about pre-mature wear. I'm not sure how that is possible without repeatedly rubbing the leather like you would a pencil eraser. Overall I am happy with the purchase. It is a classy look for the phone. 4-stars only because it didn't smell like leather.

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    Love these cases

    First off, the 1 star reviewer doesn't understand why you'd want to use a leather case over a plastic, silicon or other material. The thing about leather is it scratches easily. It takes on stains. And it looks SUPER good once you do. The leather ages impeccably well, making each case a unique look based on your look. I don't worry about putting the phone in my pocket with my keys because I know when I take it back out, the case will not only prevent the phone from scratching, but it will just look that much better with the scratch or two from the keys.

    If you like the look of aged leather, this is your buy. If you want to keep the case just as pristine as your phone, go with something harder/more protective.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Beautiful Saddle Case! Waste of money!

    So I got the saddle case for my iPhone 7. It looks beautiful and luxurious. Before I left the rep looked at me and said, hey, remember you have 2 weeks to return if you don't like the case. I said "okay!" I mean why wouldn't I like it. I mean you couldn't ask for a better "looking" case. I had this case for 1 week, just 1! 1st day at work I recieved so many compliments for it to be just a phone case. By the second day I had scratches and oil stains. By the following Saturday the case looked like it wasn't leather but a cheap wooden case. I took it back to the Apple Store and exchanged it for a silicone case. For $45.00 you can feed a whole family in a third world country so this case should at least last for 2 years based on the fact that it is leather and very costly for a case. Save your money! That's my honest opinion. Even the rep at the store said that people always come back complaining about his case not holding up and are upset when the warrant doesn't cover the wear and tear.

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