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    good product, could be better

    Its beats and they are good headphones, but apple has been trying to get away from usb-A and usb-b for a while and this is the only device i have that requires anything other than usb-c or lightning. in the package you get a USB-b to USB-a cable for charging, thus a person who just bought a brand new top of the line MacBook pro cannot directly charge their headphones without also carrying an adapter. this really is the prime example where lightning or usb-c should be used. its $300 headphones. ship it with usb-b to usb-c and usb-c to usb-c and magically you don't look like you have an egg on your face.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Modern type of sound

    Today's music are different say decades ago, more of electro-pop than hard-rock. Well balanced tone yet lacking in details especially when you randomly select a classical music. Overall good for day to day travel, easy to pair and undoubtedly long battery life. One problem is the ear cups because it's white, I just need to find ways how to clean it up. I've learned, not yet proven, that it's not user replaceable.

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    Now my Favorite Wireless Headphones

    I received these as a gift and could not be more impressed. Usually I use a high-end set of noise cancelling headphones when I fly but I brought these along instead on a trip from the New York Metro Area to Miami Beach last week. Not only did they provide exceptional listening comfort and noise isolation during my flights but they also had a substantial charge remaining after the trip ended. I am delighted to have them!

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    Way Lighter Than My Old Beats Studios!

    Pairing was dead simple and the sound seems better than the old (more expensive) beats studio. I'd recommend!

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