• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Keyboard functions 50% of the time.

    I purchased the Apple 10.5 IPAD Pro and it's companion Smart Keyboard on August 30, 2017. Since then it has been failing to function about 50% of the time. It simply quits responding. I try disconnecting it and reconnecting it several times but that doesn't usually work.
    A little while later, it begins working again. I have an appointment this afternoon with the Apple Geniuses for an attempted problem determination and fix.

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    Apple keyboards, a failure

    Just purchased this with brand new iPad. It only works intermittently. When it stops working, I have to the remove case, power cycle, reattach the case and then it will work but only for a short while. Not worth the money, but it seems NONE of the Apple keyboards have great reviews. I will just be returning this product and purchasing something from Amazon.

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    It hasn't lived up to my expectations at all

    The keyboard does not connect well on one corner causing a complete halt to typing and/or a key endlessly repeating itself across the page. It requires removing the keyboard, doing a hard reboot, putting the iPad in place again, sometimes up to 3 times. One end of the magnet operates and snaps in well. The other does not. Needless to say, I am VERY dissatisfied with your product, especially since Apple is a trusted name in the field of technology. When I returned it to Best Buy thinking I could trade it in for a new one, I was informed I would have to deal with Apple directly, which is another hassle. I will be hesitant to buy any Apple product in the future. No extended warranty and the hefty price are also a minuses. Please take negative reviews into consideration before creating another Apple accessory.

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    iPad Pro 10.5 Keyboard Connectivity Problem

    Like many of the comments about the keyboard connectivity problems I am having the same issues. There are times when it works perfectly fine and then the iPad will stop responding. This key board is not cheap however I took a chance and purchased the Logitech Slim Combo with the connectors. Having the same problem with the Logitech keyboard as I am having with the Apple keyboard so this tells me it is either a problem with the iPad hardware or software. If it is a software issue would you please fix because when the keyboard work it was one of the best!

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    Returned and got an alternative...

    Got this keyboard with my iPad and realized there is no extra protection for the iPad itself, just the screen when its closed. Not only that, but it is $159 and there is no protection plan for this item, just a limited warranty...

    I returned it to best buy and bought a ZAGG which at least provides full protection for the iPad.

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    1. The iPad is not secure in the case. It will fall out if you lift the case. Is only secure on two sides. Not all four sides.
    2. No loop for the Apple pen. You have to carry it separately. What's the point? Other cases have a place to secure the pen.

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    Completely Useless

    This is my second Apple IPad Pro Keyboard. The first Apple replaced because it wasn’t working consistently, it kept throwing up errors, and it had issues connecting very often. This problem is so frustrating it renders my iPad Pro unusable for what I bought it for and, we are thinking of migrating everything to Microsoft because we are simply tired of the Apple challenges we have run into across the board lately.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    A perfect companion for the IPad Pro

    I bought this keyboard because I like to type on a keyboard rather than use my fingers on a screen. I was not sure what to expect after reading the reviews but I took a chance. I could not be happier with this keyboard. It does not have to be turned on, it does not have to be charged, it is easy to type while the IPad is on my lap and I am on the recliner. It works well and if you bought the IPad Pro you know you need a keyboard anyway. Just do it because it works well and is easy. I had a previous Logitech keyboard with an older IPad. It worked but was heavy, needed to be charged, needed to paired with Bluetooth. This Smart Keyboard from Apple eliminates all of the hassle.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Absolutely Unreliable!!!

    I am now on my second smart keyboard for the iPad Pro 10.5". It is constantly, unexpectedly and intermittently failing. The keyboard remains connected and just suddenly no longer types. I can remove the iPad Pro and reconnect it and...nothing. I have to fully power cycle the iPad Pro before it is able to see the keyboard again.

    Given the pricepoint for this accessory and the specific claims of how this is a faster and more reliable connection than a bluetooth keyboard have totally been incorrect. Save your money and go with something that support bluetooth because either the connector or the software is to blame here.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Functional but disappointing

    When I purchased my IPad Pro 10.5 inch only this and the Logitech keyboards were available. I chose this because it did not add bulk, and was functional. After using it for several months now, I can offer a few points potential buyers may find useful.

    Positives: It's APPLE so it fits and it works. The fit and finish are great and the "leather" looks and feels elegant. While it only covers half of the iPad as some have mentioned, I deliberately chose this over a clam shell because it was significantly thinner and lighter. The Logitech would have made my iPad Pro into something like a Macbook Air which I wanted to avoid. The keys work well and the response is nice and are fairly accurate.

    Negatives: 1) No keyboard backlight. I never took typing so I have to use an overhead light on an airplane to see the keys. 2)There is no indication of whether the CAPS LOCK is activated. 3) In certain applications, the keyboard has stopped and I had to turn the iPad off and on to reset it. Enough times to be annoying. 4) Lastly, there is no place for the pen. I just know I am going to lose it at some point.

    In Summary, this is light, looks good and works for the most part but has some glaring omissions. When something more functional comes along, I will most likely buy that.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    I bought the keyboard, thinking it's Apple - it must be good. Boy was I wrong. It worked OK for the first year, but now some keys work intermittently. I've trying cleaning off the contact area - no help. When I'm at a meeting taking notes and this happens, it's a huge deal.

    Very disappointed - should have bought the Logitech.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    Love this cover/case/keyboard. It's very slim keeping the iPad still very portable. You almost don't even know there's a keyboard hooked up. Almost full size keyboard with the portability. ����

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    Not response

    I have got this keyboard for like half month now. And I don’t the problem was cause be by keyboard or iOS system. This keyboard often not response to my actions. Sometime when i trying to type using the keyboard, it just death and i have to restart my iPad to weak the keyboard up. Pretty upset of it so far.

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    Worst Apple product

    So Smart Keyboard , worst piece of Apple style over substance I have ever used. The connector never connects, the keyboard feel is not a patch on my old Logitech keyboard.
    Sadly this is a waste of time and I have to resort to using my old iPad on the road once more. So feel like the £1k spent on pad pencil etc a waste of momey. Come on Apple up the game we don’t all worship at the shrine of Jobs

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    No case!

    I bought this keyboard knowing that it was not a full case. (It folds up covering only the screen and has no edge protection) What I did not know was that no cases work with the keyboard. So I have to remove my case each time I want to use my keyboard! Very poor design! Thinking about modifying my case somehow...

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    No foreign characters!!

    Nice keyboard, but nowhere did the description warn me in advance that there were no foreign characters/accents available when typing with it!! Useless for a full time translator ...

    Not the "international" standard I was expecting from Apple ...

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Nice Keyboard but letters on keys wear off before 1 year

    I enjoy the touch. I like the how slim and sturdy the keyboard is. I like the dual purpose cover/keyboard. Backlighting? It'd be nice but the brightness of the iPad can help with that and the cost would rise a lot. What I don't like is the letters on the keys have worn off in a year. Yeah, I can buy the standard stickers but that ruins the texture/feel. I don't even use my iPad all day for work. Just at night and weekends. I can only imagine if I used it all day.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    iPad Pro Smart Keyboard

    Honestly speaking, I really love the design of the new Smart keyboard, but Apple made a big flaw by not adding the backit. I think Apple should implement haptics touch keys for their next design and have a option in the settings to choose the best haptic touch for your keys just like the iphone 7 & 7 plus.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Where's the backlighting??

    I was all set to purchase this keypad as soon as the 10.5" version hit the market, but I changed my mind for one big reason--no backlighting. Seriously? Is that too hard to do for a company that makes the most innovative phones & tablets on the market?? Come on Apple. Step it up! And while you're at it, add a pencil holder.

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    Lovely keyboard if it lasted

    These keyboards are fantastic to use when they are working. I like the feel of the keys to type on and light weight cover for the iPad. I agree a holder for the pencil would be useful. My issue is I have had 2 keyboards now and owned an iPad pro for 18 months, neither have lasted more than 9 months - the keys stop being picked up by the iPad and i get a symbol that says this accessory is not compatible. Its alot of money for so short a lifespan. Im currently looking for alternative solutions that may last a little longer.

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