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    Extremely disappointed in Apple. How did they let this go to production?

    I have the 9.7 iPad Pro and just bought a 10.5 iPad Pro. The Smart Keyboard for the 9.7 IPad Pro was great, but this one for the 10.5 is really terrible design.

    First, when you flip the cover behind the iPad, and put it in reading mode, the magnets are not strong enough to hold it in place. So if you lift up the iPad using your left hand the keyboard will flop down, and the cover detaches to just hang in the air.

    Secondly when you covert to keyboard mode, the keyboard doesn't even lay flat! Seriously, did no one at Apple even attempt to use this product while testing? It is extremly uncomfortable to type when the keyboard is bending up slightly.

    So the two major uses for this Smart Keyboard, in both landscape mode and portrait is annoying, and feels like a cheap 3rd party accessory. Do not buy this. Unfortunately you don't have very many other options. The 9.7 inch Smart Cover had none of these problems.

    I might even stick with my 9.7 inch Smart Keyboard for my 10.5 inch iPad even though it doesn't fit perfectly, at least its way more usable this junk.

    Apple, seriously, just make take your 9.7 inch Smart Keyboard and make it slightly bigger, then everything will be ok.

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    A slight upgrade from the original 12.9" Smart Keyboard

    Small and light so I can leave it attached much of the time and take with me. Typing is reasonably quick though it isn't quite a full-size keyboard. I was able to achieve about 60 WPM without trouble.

    I can't think of what I would change. A more traditional keyboard wouldn't be light enough to carry around all the time or would be too fragile. This seems like a pretty good balance of features.

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    Small But Serious Design Flaw

    When resting on a flat surface (e.g. a desktop or table) with the iPad seated properly, the Smart Keyboard does not lie flat. Instead, the weight of the 10.5" iPad tips the leading edge of the keyboard up about ¼", making it difficult to type on because the user must either hold the keyboard down on the desk or prop the iPad up from behind. Apple's legendary attention to detail seems to have failed them here. Do not buy this product unless you're prepared to hold down a keyboard that should not need holding down.

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    Breaks easily

    The return key failed to function within 4 months of my using this product -- it's too expensive to break so easily

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    New iPad Pro 10.5 Smart Keyboard

    So I was under the impression that the 10.5 version of the Smart Keyboard would have a redesigned key layout; this is not the case--the key layout is identical to that of the 9.7 version. The picture for this product is a blatant, if not strategic, misrepresentation of what you will receive. SMH...

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    Protection concern

    I guess I was so excited to order my new iPad that I did not look at this close enough. There is no back protection for the iPad.
    I hope they plan to add a back that is compatible with the Smart Keyboard case. I have seen others question this on the site.
    Cant tell you how it works because my iPad won't arrive until next week.
    Its just the protection of the iPad that concerns me. It is quite an investment.
    Thank you

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