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    So pretty!

    I was looking for a new band for my Apple watch as my cheap milanese loop broke. I took one look and knew I had to have this band. I love how vibrant the colour is and its really comfortable to wear as well. I'm very glad I spent the extra to get an official band as it is well worth it!

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    My favorite Apple Watch band!!!!

    I absolutely love this PRIDE watch band!!!! I have 3 other Apple watch bands and this is by far my favorite! Since I've had it, I haven't switched it out. I was able to purchase the band in NYC for Pride and have since received tons of compliments (from family and friends, coworkers, even strangers on the street!) I am about to purchase another, just to have as back up, in case something should happen to my PRIDE band.

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    Wear my Apple Watch with Pride

    Having marched with the Terrence Higgins Trust, at the biggest and best Pride marches London has ever seen. Sharing the message "People on effective HIV treatment can't pass it on. #Can'tPassItOn.

    I decided to pop into the Covent Garden Apple Store to look up whats new. I was pleased to find out that Apple had made a Pride Edition watch strap. Having only recently acquired an Apple Watch for myself. I jumped at the chance to continue showing my own pride.

    The strap looks and feels great. Imaging my happy surprise when I found that a portion (amount unknown) of the proceeds go to support LGBTQ advocacy organisations. And I only found this out once I got home. I would have expected this to be advertised in store. With an expected million people attend London Pride, even more might have been sold.

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    Glad I was able to get one!

    Seeing this is a limited time only I'm really glad I got one when I did. I found it in the Apple Store and it was the last one they had. My UBER and Lyft passengers really loved it during Pride Month. The colors are bright and accurate hues of the LGBTQ colors. The band is soft, and fits well.

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    Love it! Worth the money!

    Some people will say a band isn't worth the $49. But this band (Pride Edition band), has so much meaning to me and so many people. I'm 23 years old, and this band has helped me so much with confidence. The material feels super sturdy, but soft on the skin. It feels like this band will last a lifetime. I love how Apple is supporting LGBTQ groups with the proceeds of this band. If I could buy 10000 of these bands, I would do It in a hearbeat! Thanks Apple.

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    Love this band!

    I'm really impressed with the quality and already got a ton of compliments from my friends and coworkers, both gay and straight. I plan to wear all year.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Quality & Style.

    The Woven Nylon Band is a high quality product with great style.

    The Pride Edition Woven Nylon Band for the Apple WATCH: has a premium feel, very soft to the touch, and the stainless steel buckle is perfectly manufactured. The quality of the nylon is of the utmost, the building materials are crafted to near perfection.

    Also, when washing one's hands, one would find that the band drys super fast as well.
    Other nylon bands from 3rd parties often fray and discolor in a week or two. I have: washed my hands, showered, and went swimming as well. The band is still as beautiful as ever. Occasionally I get tooth-paste on the band and with a quick run under the water or a damp cloth will remove the white-chalky residue, right away.

    I currently use a 42mm Apple Watch, Rose Gold Aluminum. The multicolor of the band really catches peoples eyes. The sliding clips that secures the band to the watch case is red, which really adds a fun pop of color. I get complements left and right.
    Sizing of the band is comfortably adjustable, I adjust my watch all the time.
    The loop that hold the slack of the band after one would size it to them selfs, would find it is made perfectly to secure the slack and matches the band too. The loop is made from same nylon as the band and is aligned to the matching colors of the band and really comes in handy.

    Overall, my experience with this band has been hands down- GREAT. I highly recommend this to anyone.

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    Hooray for Pride!

    I bought the Pride band as soon as I knew I could get one. The quality is top notch Apple quality! It goes great with my rose gold Apple Watch. I love that a portion of the proceeds go to supporting LGBTQIA programs. It was totally worth the purchase!

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    My New Favorite!

    I was ecstatic when Apple released these previously limited edition bands for sale to the public. The colors are bright and vibrant, and the band is extremely comfortable to wear. My only complaint is they do pick up an unpleasant odor if you perspire a bit. However, this is easily remedied by washing gently with some liquid detergent. Of all the bands I own, this one is my new favorite!

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    Worth it!!!

    Not exactly the most comfortable band, but definitely looks amazing and sends a message!!!

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    Love it

    I got it for Pride 2017 in Spokane, It matched my outfit and ever time i wear it i get complemented on it.

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    Lovely, cheerful colours

    When I saw the lovely bright colours, I knew that I had to have one.
    Definitely stands out and feels super comfortable on the wrist.
    The red lugs are a nice touch too.
    Easy to take on and off and feels light on my wrist.
    I have a 42mm Space Grey Nike version and have added the black Milanese loop to my collection, for when I'm not doing sweaty stuff.

    This will be my favourite strap very soon.

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    Love it! The colors are so bright and vibrant. Definitely a more flashy Apple Watch band but looks good with any apple watch. I use it with my Space Gray and it looks really cool. Very pleased that not only do they sell Product RED products but now a Pride band!

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    Great Band!

    This pride edition nylon band is awesome. Staying up to Apple's standard of quality, the band is very attractive, and very soft to the touch. The only thing keeping me from giving it a full 5 stars is that I believe Apple could have taken it one step further and donated some of the proceeds to an LGBT charity or something of that matter. If the band is truly limited edition and will only be selling for a little while, it would not be a big hit long term. Apple already contributes to the community with their Product(RED) line, and I believe it would have been easy to even tack this on with those efforts. Other than that, love the band, and look forward to representing my pride at events and festivals this year!

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