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    Worse than the iPad Pro 9.7" Smart Cover.

    • Written by Hawvick W from Alor Setar

    I bought Smart Covers for all my iPads including the iPad minis, iPad Pros and iPad Airs.I was sicked with the old blue Smart Cover for the iPad Air 2 so I decided to make a change. I bought this Smart Cover and found that it's very annoying! I always take good care of my Apple Products and all of them are in Perfect Condition! However, this Smart Cover ruined my iPad. The place where the Smart Cover's magnet attached to, scratched by the Smart Cover, not 1 scratch, but 3 scratches! I don't understand what material is this. I wiped the Smart Cover with wet tissues before attaching it to the iPad so that it's dust free! So that means it's the material of the Smart Cover which causes the scratches. Besides, the magnet of the Smart Cover is not as strong as the iPad Pros'. Definitely not worth it. Think about it before buying! [This is my personal experience, doesn't mean that all the Smart Covers will have the same problems.]

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