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    More variety, please?

    • Written by Julie K from Waxhaw

    I’ve had good luck with these silicone cases for my past 3 or 4 phones. Nothing fits better or feels more secure. I’ve dropped my phones several times each & only had one cracked screen. I’m a big fan functionality-wise. Can we talk about the equally important color choices, though? I mean, they’re fine & predictable & inoffensive in every way, but so are khaki pants, amiright? Perhaps you could change them up each season? Even add a holiday choice or 2 along with it? Let’s spice it up a little, Apple. Throw a stripe in there! Be a rebel & roll out a “fall leaves” color palette in September! Why let the pumpkin spice lattes have all the fun?? For something that rarely leaves our hands, I think you could do better with your variety. After all...”Cool case! Where’d you get it?” = free advertising. Aaaaaaand, I’m def changing up my case every couple months with this much fun individuality to be had. Cha-Ching! Just sayin.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by The A from Glasgow

    Really liked this product, I've used it every day for 5 months now and still in really good condition.

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