• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Very cool

    • Written by James G from Perth

    I've had these since January 2017 and they have held up fantastically. They are comfortable for me, though I do usually have to take them off every 3 or 4 hours if i'm wearing them for extended periods, but usually I take them off in between when I walk around my house to get things (I don't use these on the go). The sound quality is excellent in my opinion, however the noise cancelling isn't perfect, I wouldn't say that they block each and every sound so if that's the most important thing you're looking for fo things like plane travel there may be better options for you out there. Nevertheless these are still great headphones, if you're willing to buy them at this decently hefty price point.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great headphones

    • Written by Colin D from Shipley

    Headphones sound great
    the Noise cancelling is brilliant, it almost silences the noisy office that I work in.
    They're comfortable to wear all day.

    The case needs more work. There is nowhere to store the charging and external cables that come with the headphones. Apples workaround is to jam them in under the headband, but that's a squeese and for the standards of apples products I'm surprised that this hasn't been thought through better. I would much prefer to have a separate pocket to keep these cables in.

    Future ideas
    I've made a small modification to my headphones. The charging port is the micro-USB that comes on alot of devices. To help my headphones last longer, rather than using the included USB Charge cable, I'd found a 3rd party MagSafe style USB Charging cable. Since MagSafe was an Apple invention in the first place, it would be fantastic to see something like this build into the headphones as it will relieve stress on the charging port. I'm saying this, as I love my Beats Studio3 and want them to last as long as possible.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by Riley S

    I got a pair of these great headphones about two month ago. Before that, I used a a cheap pair of JVCs, but they did their job. The Studio3's are very comfortable, so after a while when I had gotten used to them I tried my old pair again and it was almost painful. I really like the noise-cancelling, as well as the audio, even though people say it could be better. The fact that it can be used with an audio jack as well as bluetooth is very practical with older devices. One thing I would change is the carrying case, which does not have a pocket for the wires, unlike the Solo3. I also think it's a little overpriced. It has a good battery life and charges fast.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    If only they where a little louder

    • Written by Sam O

    These headphones are the best wireless headphones I've ever purchased but they just need to be louder, I can still hear background noise when I'm outside so I usually use them indoors, overall amazing sound quality and they look very clean too Nice job Apple.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Why no wall adapter?!?!

    • Written by sean A

    The new solo 3 has great sound and the padding on the ears is better than the previous models. It connects so much easier to your phone and Apple Watch than the previous models as well. Only issue... 375$ and it doesn’t come with a USB adapter to plug into an outlet to charge them, like WTF Apple the consumer is paying for the adapter anyways so just put it in the dang box.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Impressed With Sound but...

    • Written by Frequent T

    I am a fan of beats in general, both the headphones and earbuds. Excellent bass and overall sound quality. BEWARE IF YOU HAVE LONG HAIR THOUGH. My hair gets caught in it all the time and makes me look silly as im trying to untangle it from my head.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Heaphones

    • Written by Chris C

    Very happy with these, sound great, comfortable, long battery life, quick charging, all around a great headphone. Personally I think the Studios are just as comfortable as the Bose QC 35, just a little heavier. They are much louder and clearer than the Bose, all around better looking, and have a higher quality feel. NC is great, flew with them a few times and I don't hear any of the engine or wind noise and the volume doesn't need to be blasting. The only thing I have against them (why I gave them 4 stars) is that if you don't want to use the BT or NC with the aux cord they still power up. When I'm at work I would prefer to have them plugged into my computer with no NC on. Other than that they are great!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Love Beats Studio 3 headphones

    • Written by Raja S

    Have had these headphones for 2 days. Fantastic replacement for old Bose QC2 headphones. Music is just great. Voice calls on phone and Gotomeeting sounds great. If there is one small beef, it is the fact that the phones are cumbersome to carry. The included carry case is bulky. If not for that it would rate 5 stars.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Review beats studio3

    • Written by Jacco L from Montain

    I just received my beats studio 3 wireless headphone and he is really good the sound is impressive good he contact really fast to your divice with I revived him really quickly there is just one thing you can hear really good the sound of the music when you don’t have him on your head so I really recommend him confortable good soud ect

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    A Keeper

    • Written by Rolando H from New Bern

    Looks: 5/5

    The look is fresh to death. Lots of compliments

    Sound: 4/5
    These have a sound signature that can be best described as fun. I disable any equalizer settings on my devices and don't find the sound offensive. Note: I'm not a bass-head. The headphones handles most genres but when it is out of it's element the worst I can say is that the music sounds "polite". Rock, hip hop, dance, and generally energetic music sounds good. Anything beyond that sounds a bit lifeless. I bought these mostly for travel and to satisfy my desire to turn my seat into a private mosh pit, so these fit the bill.

    Bluetooth: 5/5

    Switching from phone to MacBook to iPad is seamless. The initial pairing process is potato head simple. Range is ridiculous good.

    ANC: 3/5
    Sony wins this category. ANC wasn't a deal breaker for me. I settled on these for the battery life.

    Comfort: 4/5
    I've got a pretty big head. Head-bunting is my preferred method of combat. I was nervous at first about these but after a couple of hours the clamping force has eased a little and I find these comfortable. There are headphones in my collection that have a little more plush to them but these surprised me. If I had the head of a normal person I would probably find these to be a solid 5.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Be careful !!! You could get a defected pair !!

    • Written by Dan C

    I ordered a pair of the studio 3s shadow grey, they got replaced 3 times 1st time for a wired connection issue 2nd for build quality and now the 3rd pair is for lacks clarity, my friends thought I was crazy but I knew in my gut and my super sonic ears that something is off with these pair since I’ve had other pairs so I got another pair in red and they were delivered today and BOOOM I was right the red pair sounds SO MUCH better the other pair lacked highs and sounds muffled and was more bass heavy and wasn’t as clear now idk if it was just those ones or if they might have to have a recall but once I go to the Apple store I’m going to let them know for sure, I finally have a good pair FINALLY what a pain but I’m a huge supporter of beats so now I’m happy but if anyone else experienceses this LET IT BE KNOWN

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Much Better Than Studio 2 but...

    • Written by Kennard Y from Apison

    I owned, and have been a huge fan of Beats Studio headphones. I bought a Matte Black version while at the Georgetown store in Washington, DC when they first came out. To my ears and brain, they possess a sound signature that pleases me better than any other headphone in my collection (QC25, QC35, Beats Studio, Sony MDR-1000x, Sennheiser and Philips). The only real flaw was that the Beats’ ANC was a joke. I really put a lot into reviewing headphones to the point that my review of the Beats Studio 2 on Amazon, under the Name PiperFlyer, is the top review for the product. Since I’m limited on words here, I will say that Beats Studios have come a long way in improving the noise cancelling but when compared to Sony and Bose, they are still not in the same league. PureANC is a cool sounding technology but used side-by-slide with the major players, it falls short. I have tested the three in a variety of environments and the Sony’s win in most situations except in commercial or general aviation air travel...Bose wins. Where the Beats win is sound quality. Dre has done a great job with the sound signature and to me, it’s the most pleasing of the leading three brands. It’s why I use them so much–I travel with Sony but day-to-day use my Beats. As I was testing the brands I noticed something very disturbing about my iPhones. The sound produced from an iPhone (my 7 Plus or my wife’s 6) is inferior to my iPad Pro or my MacBook or any other source!! This is wired (with the dumb lightning connector) or Bluetooth! This is insane! The device that consumers use MOST to stream music sounds the worst! This discovery made me so mad (that and so may other Apple blunders since the tragic loss of Steve) that I am starting to question my loyalty to Apple. At first, I thought it was the headphones, then after swapping sources it was clear that it was the iPhone. So, to be clear, my audio review is based on a single source–the iPad. Bose has a very odd sound signature that sounds like someone was goofing with the equalizer and no one put it back to where it should be. The Sony’s sound very close to the Beats but lack fullness in the mids, lack clarity up high and are a tad less full down low. To my ears, the new Beats check all of the boxes that I use to consider headphones, or music in general. Back to PureANC, if these were the only ANC phones on the market, we would be highly impressed. But compared to the market leaders, they are good but not great. Since 80% of my listening is in environments where the Beats work well, I can live with it to get the sound I like most. In challenging environments, I use the MDR-1000x. Not a bad compromise but a nice leap forward for the Studio3. Comfort goes to Bose hands down. Both the frame and clamping force are light and the ear cups are deep. The Sony’s too have deep ear cups but they are a little small and they are HEAVY in comparison. The Beats, once stretched out a bit, have decent clamping force and the weight is nice but the ear cups are way too shallow. My ears rub the inside and I have small ears. I can’t imaging what happens if you have big ears. As you can see, no headphone is perfect but to me, Beats are the ticket, even with the small, shallow ear cups and mediocre ANC.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Awesome and ideal for many folks

    • Written by James S from Calgary

    I had Studio 3's for weekend and I really loved basically everything about them. They sound awesome, they feel and look awesome. They pair and work super easily, with my Macs, Apple TV, Phone, Watch, etc. In my case, after a few hours the clamping forces gave me a headache and soreness from both sides and the top. I tried many adjustments to make them work out, but I couldn't hack it. I returned them and Apple was super supportive and gracious. Headphones are quite personal and there are many different things to consider. I'll be watching the Studio 3's closely, I really want a pair again, just the headache thing was a deal-breaker for my particular head. Try them out for yourself. I bet most folks won't have an issue and will love them. I'd give 5/5, except the clamping forces will exclude intensive use by some folks like me.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Love these headphones

    • Written by Katherine C from La Canada

    Noise cancellation, bluetooth range, and battery life are impressive. Gave me a pretty bad headache after a few hours of use, but then I discovered I could turn noise cancellation off and that solved the headache problem for quieter areas. Makes my ears really hot after wearing for a while despite the "advanced venting" system incorporated in the "over-ear cushions."

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great updrade(on the inside)

    • Written by Marquise S from Lancaster

    Been using the beats studio wireless for a year now and my real only complaint with those were the battery. I listen to a lot of rap so the base fits in great and the noise canceling was decent from it being my first time using the feature. Beats studio 3 is a well upgrade to them, i can actually notice the upgrade in sound quality and the base hasn’t really left. The noise canceling is more noticeable this time around and that A1chip is pretty neat. I have a Apple ecosystem so going from watch to iphone to macbook with a click is pretty convenient. Then last the battery seems to last literally a full day of use. Really appreciate the update to a classic.

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