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    NO green detectable

    I compared this band next to my watch that already has the Grey band on it. Under 3 different lighting conditions, they are exactly the same color, GREY. I really miss Steve Jobs. Not paying $50 for for a band that is not even the color advertised, much less ridiculously overpriced. Back it goes!

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    Defo Dark

    Definitely a Dark Olive rather then olive, but how green it looks depends on the lighting you are in. Definitely not grey. I love the shade - was expecting brighter at first, but still love it!

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    I spent $79 to receive a BLACK watch band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This band colour is a joke if your going to make Olive and advertise it then DO IT - To anyone thinking of buying this blindly don't do it
    you need to go to an Apple store and see for yourself!

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    Grey, not green. But nice color.

    I agree with the previous reviewer. I’m keeping this band because I do like the color, but calling it olive is misleading. There is no green in this band. It is more like a medium/dark grey. I would like to see Apple make an actual olive green band soon.

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    It's not really Dark Olive....

    The good: It's a high quality sport band just like you would expect...

    The Bad: It's not even close to any shade of green I have ever seen...

    I am a Marine and was really excited to see a green in a military color-way but was sadly disappointed when the band arrived and was nowhere near a Dark Olive...

    If you are looking for a dark grey-greenish looking band...this is the one. I am thankful Appel has a great return policy and is paying for the return shipping because mine is going back asap.

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    See if you like the hue in person before buying

    I read the reviews, and knew what to expect. I ended up liking the color, and went with it. However it doesn't exactly match the dark olive iPhone 8 case. The case has more green to it. As for the sportiness of the band, it's easy to clean, as the nylon ones can start to smell after a lot of exercise and constant wearing. It's also low profile, which is great for fitting under cycling gloves. I took a star away for not having a greener tint to it.

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    Not Olive!!!

    I went to the Apple Store to buy this watch band! I was soooo excited that they had an olive color. When We (the employees and myself) opened the box, we were shocked!!! This band looks gray! The girl helping me was so shocked she called her manager over. We were all very confused! If you are looking for an olive color, this is NOT IT!!!! I hope Apple actually comes out with an Olive color band!

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    Not Olive - no green hue. Basically Dark Grey

    I ordered this online with my preorder for the watch- super excited to get it. When I opened the box, I thought they'd sent me black or gray by accident. I unfolded it, read everything, got back online to look around and was disappointed by "Dark Olive". My advice would be to look at this band in store if you have an Apple Store near you, or to know to expect it to look almost exactly the same as the Dark Grey. I'm going to return on exchange. Unfortunately, not at all what I expected. No green hue.

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