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    • Written by Udayan S from Ronkonkoma

    I finally was able to find an Apple store with the wireless charger version of these new airpods. I used them for a few days and no matter what i tried, left ear bud was draining FAST. After an hour of being fully charged the right bud would be 85% while the left would be 12%. I tried everything they suggested to fix it, but eventually was declared defective. Unfortunately i had to return them. i'm going to have to wait to buy these when they're back in stock Mid-May.

  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    The main problem may be Bluetooth

    • Written by Peter B from Tallahassee

    Solid bass and good sound, assuming the devices connect.

    Often doesn't connect. The source device for sound shows that the sound is playing on the AirPods. And, the Bluetooth settings shows that the AirPods, and only the AirPods are connected, but the sound isn't coming through the AirPods.

    Occasionally, the sound will come through one of the earbuds, but not the other. The problem is usually resolved by shutting everything down and starting over, but the process is annoying.

    The earbuds sometimes fall out. This is a major problem when walking or jogging, but not applicable if one is sitting in a chair, or even standing without moving around much.

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