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    The good and bad news, and a bit of amazing news

    • Written by Elisa N from Great Barrington

    I have two of these, one black, one silver. They give the best quality for voice calls of the headsets I've had and are relatively comfortable to wear, even with my small ears. The bad news is that neither holds a charge for long and can give out right in the middle of a call, which can cause problems with my computers with certain applications and disturb the flow of conversations. And sometimes, they will make their connect/disconnect sound for no reason in the middle of usage, which is stressful. The amazing news is that one of them went through the wash and after I took it out of the washing machine and let it dry out until the next day, it worked perfectly! A couple of improvements I could suggest: put the microphone closer to the face as I sometimes have to hold it up to be heard on certain calls and it has a tendency to get caught inside of jacket collars, causing noise on the call or difficulty being heard, and also, mark the charging port and on-off button in a contrasting color, as, especially on the black one, these can be hard to locate.

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    Very nice

    • Written by Chris H from Shinglehouse

    I recently purchased BeatsX headphones and I have to say, they work way better than I expected. There isn’t much to complain about with these headphones. The sound quality is amazing (if you have the right size tip and have them all the way in your ears), battery life is pretty great (especially fast fuel), and the seamless pairing to iPhone and Apple Watch is incredibly easy. My only complaint is that they could be smaller, I find that I have to tuck in some of the wire so that it doesn’t look so big when I’m wearing them. Overall I give them 4/5 stars! Although it depends on the person and their needs, I highly suggest these headphone!

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    BeatsX in grey

    • Written by Anson M from Oakland

    In-ears are not for everyone as some of the reviewers have experienced. Unless you get a tight seal the sound quality will be horrible. Once you do, however, the BeatsX deliver a quality sound experience, somewhat V shaped, definitely not flat, but fun! To my ears they are very well well priced, especially at the low street price. Again, to my ears, they also sound way, way better than AirPods, but I've always felt this way about decent in-ears vs any type of bud that just sits there. Because physics, and acoustics.

    If your ears can get a good seal and you need reasonable – better than AirPod but not great – battery life, very good sound isolation in a wireless package then I highly recommend the BeatsX. My only negative is the overall length of these. I would prefer if they were a good 6 to 12 inches shorter as they hang down far too much IMO, leading at times to microphonics as they bang around on my jacket when walking. Also, if you are on the phone 8 hours a day at the office, these are not for you. 4 to 6 hours spread over the day, sure, as they have a quick charge that will add 2 hours in just minutes.

    I believe there is a feature missing from the BeatsX that other wireless headphones may have: ability to mute the phone from the earphone control. In my experience, the BeatsX can't do this, so it's a miss in this respect.

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    Is apple cost cutting again ? Please respond publicly Apple

    • Written by MILES K from Brockenhurst

    So apple are a great company we know who don’t want to waste environmental sources

    The beats x wireless now come in a plain shop box rather than the big box with the plastic see through front we are used to seeing,

    I hope apple �� come clean or just say it’s for the environment as the old pouches are made of rubber silicone so I know apple are trying to help the environment but to still have a picture showing the case is still included is slightly misleading but not by apples intentions according to customer relations!

    So for anyone wanting these new beats x wireless

    They are now called (beats x)

    Included in the box is the earphones

    1 set of changeable tips

    And charging cable

    No pouch
    No wingtips for sports /: that one is a downer however I’m sure it will be made public soon enough

    Brilliant sound and great using of minimal packaging

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