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    Too wide for many situations

    • Written by Trevor H from Sequim

    All my earlier Apple chargers were narrow and could coexist on a power strip with other cables. This one is oriented in the reverse direction, so it takes three slots on many power strips. That is real estate I couldn't spare. So I need to use an extension cable. I will have to replace this immediately with a different power supply. It's annoying that I have to replace all my Lightning infrastructure with USB C. But I also have to replace the supply that came with the new iPad. Very disappointing.

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    Undecided - iPhone 8 Plus

    • Written by Ralph Y from Palo alto

    I just purchased the 18w charger plus USB-C cable. Some are indicating that they experience 50% charge in 30 minutes with this 18W charger. My initial experience is much less. It took 1 hour to charge my iPhone 8 Plus from 80% to 97% . In other words, it took 60 minutes to provide less than a 20% charge. This is faster than I was experiencing with the standard plug and cable that were supplied with the iPhone but much less than I was expecting with this upgrade to USB-C plug and cable. Does this new plug ratchet down the charging to a trickle charge as it nears 100%? Could that be the reason for the results that I experienced?

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