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    Undecided - iPhone 8 Plus

    • Written by Ralph Y from Palo alto

    I just purchased the 18w charger plus USB-C cable. Some are indicating that they experience 50% charge in 30 minutes with this 18W charger. My initial experience is much less. It took 1 hour to charge my iPhone 8 Plus from 80% to 97% . In other words, it took 60 minutes to provide less than a 20% charge. This is faster than I was experiencing with the standard plug and cable that were supplied with the iPhone but much less than I was expecting with this upgrade to USB-C plug and cable. Does this new plug ratchet down the charging to a trickle charge as it nears 100%? Could that be the reason for the results that I experienced?

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    Too wide for many situations

    • Written by Trevor H from Sequim

    All my earlier Apple chargers were narrow and could coexist on a power strip with other cables. This one is oriented in the reverse direction, so it takes three slots on many power strips. That is real estate I couldn't spare. So I need to use an extension cable. I will have to replace this immediately with a different power supply. It's annoying that I have to replace all my Lightning infrastructure with USB C. But I also have to replace the supply that came with the new iPad. Very disappointing.

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    New iPhone charger glitch

    • Written by Meris W from CHARLOTTE

    So the fast charging is actually working however I just bought a brand new iPhone 11 pro max two weeks ago and the charger isn’t constantly charging. It will stop charging is the cable is at a certain angle which begs the question if wires and cables are put in correctly because there’s no dirt in the charging port nor is their a kink in the cable so I’m wondering if the wiring and all of that is done correctly or if it’s the shape of the battery and the angle of the port that is an issue

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