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    Absolute rip-off

    • Written by Sandra B from Glasgow

    Bought a new iPad today so got a new cover for it. I thought I was getting the same one I had before but sadly not. It was attached in store and I just assumed it was a full protection cover like my old one. when I got home I picked the iPad up and the cover fell off. I then realised it was only a screen cover. I cannot get it to fit back on again. I have no packaging so I don’t know how I am supposed to fit it. Have paid £45 pounds for absolutely nothing, really annoyed.
    Also my old cover is too big for the new iPad so it’s now unprotected. Have to give one star as you can’t give it none.

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    Front Cover Only - Total Waste of Money

    • Written by Simon K from Marlborough

    Just upgraded to a new iPad mini and bought this cover with it to protect it assuming it was the same as the case I bought with my trusty iPad mini2. Well it's not - and I should have looked more closely. This is a front cover only, which for £45 is a total rip off. If I had looked at the photos more closely I would have realised of course, but I made the mistake of assuming that they wouldn't have changed the design that much. Anyway, it is useless for me as I travel a lot with work and need something that protects the whole device. Spend a few quid on ebay on something instead.

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    Not great....

    • Written by Adam A from Pensacola

    Like a previous commentor said, it’s just a cover for the front not the whole device. What happened to the quality of Apple products? I used to love Apple because they made good products that lasted long and were what the customer wanted. Now it seems it’s all about that bottom line. SMH

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    Not What I Expected

    • Written by Robert C from Livermore

    Indeed this item is just a cover and not a "case". I expected a device to cover and protect the whole iPad, but this device just covers the front. I wasn't very clever when I bought it, because the display looks just like what I had on my old iPad which included a rear cover. For $40 this item is vastly overpriced and underperforming. More careful inspection of the details on the web page would have kept me from ordering.

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