iMovie HD Keyboard Shortcuts

You can use your keyboard to quickly accomplish many tasks in iMovie. To find the shortcuts for common commands, look in the menus (or see the menu shortcuts below). To do an action, press the keys indicated below.


Action Shortcut
Play/Stop and Start/Stop capture Space bar
Move playhead to beginning of movie Home (not available on some keyboards)
Move playhead to end of movie End (not available on some keyboards)
Forward one frame Right Arrow
Forward ten frames Shift-Right Arrow
Move playhead forward Hold down Right Arrow
Back one frame Left Arrow
Back ten frames Shift-Left Arrow
Move playhead backward Hold down Left Arrow


Action Shortcut
Select multiple items Shift-click items
Select a range of items (in the clip viewer or timeline viewer) Click first item then Shift-click last item
Select items that are discontiguous (not adjacent to each other) Command-click items


Action Shortcut
Move audio clip Click clip, then Left Arrow or Right Arrow
Move audio clip ten frames Click clip, then Shift-Left Arrow or Right Arrow
Move video clip to create black frames Click clip in timeline viewer, then Control-Left Arrow or Right Arrow
Move video clip to create ten black frames Click clip in timeline viewer, then Control-Shift-Left Arrow or Right Arrow
Move video crop marker Click marker-Left Arrow or Right Arrow
Move video crop marker ten frames Click marker, then Shift-Left Arrow or Right Arrow


Action Shortcut
Accept dialog (OK) Return
Cancel dialog Esc
Cancel rendering Command-period (.)


Action Shortcut
Move between text fields Tab

File menu functions

Action Shortcut
New Project Command-N
Open Project Command-O
Save Project Command-S
Save Frame As Command-F
Share Shift-Command-E
Import Shift-Command-I
Show Info Command-I

Edit menu functions

Action Shortcut
Undo Command-Z
Redo Shift-Command-Z
Cut Command-X
Copy Command-C
Paste Command-V
Crop Command-K
Split Clip at Playhead Command-T
Create Still Frame Shift-Command-S
Select All Command-A
Select None Shift-Command-A

View menu functions

Action Shortcut
Switch to Clip Viewer or Timeline Viewer Command-E
Scroll to Playhead Option-Command-P
Scroll to Selection Option-Command-S
Zoom to Selection Option-Command-Z

Bookmark menu functions

Action Shortcut
Add Bookmark Command-B
Delete Bookmark Shift-Command-B
Previous Bookmark Command-[
Next Bookmark Command-]

Advanced menu functions

Action Shortcut
Extract Audio Command-J
Paste Over at Playhead Shift-Command-V
Reverse Clip Direction Command-R
Lock Audio Clip at Playhead Command-L

Help menu functions

Action Shortcut
iMovie Help Command-?