Kann man das Gerät auch im Wasser beim Schwimmen verwenden?

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    Aaron Cahi
    Aaron Cahill (Wahoo Fitness Support)
    Jul 27, 10:50 AM EDT


    Unfortunately, there are no chest strap HR monitors that are able to broadcast their signal through the water.

    I would recommend the TICKR X which can record your swim in "offline" mode and store your data in the unit. Once the workout is complete, you can pair the TICKR X to your phone and the data will upload to the app. The only data that will be available will be HR and duration.

    I hope this helps, but let us know if you have any other questions.


    J V Keller
    J V Keller
    Jul 26, 5:53 PM EDT

    what´s the reach of the Tickr-family. Would it be possible to swim with the Tickr having the iPhone beside the pool recording the data live?

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