Can I get films in English via Apple TV in Switzerland?  Est ce que je peux recevoir des filmes en anglais ou en VO via Apple tv en suisse.

Je trouve que les filmes traduit en allemand

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    Yes you can if you have a UK or US connection. By this I mean an iPhone or iPad connected to the Apple Store in one of these two countries, which also requires a credit card issued in the same country. You then choose the program you want, start it on the iPad or iPhone and transfer it to the TV that is connected to the Apple TV.
    Alternatively you can subscribe to Zattoo and watch a variety of programs from foreign TVs.

    • Réponse de Jean-pierre L
    • 24 sept. 2014
  • Oui bien sûr

    • Réponse de Jean Michel V
    • 30 juil. 2014