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Get iTunes 4.5 for Windows free and hear how the world's best digital jukebox keeps getting better. iTunes has everything you need to organize, manage, and listen to your digital music. And check out what's going on at the iTunes Music Store—after you download and open iTunes, click the Music Store icon. Set up an account and download the free Single of the Week.* Check back weekly to collect them all.

Check out some of the cool new features in iTunes 4.5.

iMix. Share your playlists with friends, family, and the iTunes community on the Music Store.
Party Shuffle. This playlist is always full and ready to party. Add, delete, and rearrange songs on the fly.
Print CD inserts. Dress up your mixed CDs with printed inserts.**
Automatically convert WMA to AAC. Convert your unprotected Windows Media Audio files to AAC format.

Great new additions in store.
New music and features are constantly being added to iTunes. See what's new on the iTunes Music Store.

Movie Trailers. Watch the latest movie trailers in full screen. Even buy songs from the soundtrack or an associated audiobook.
Motown. Celebrate the 45th anniversary of Motown with iTunes. Get the first 45 singles and 45 hard-to-find albums from the Motown Records archive.
Disney. Get the soundtracks from your favorite Disney and Disney/Pixar films—available only on iTunes.
Beastie Boys. iTunes is the only place to get the new Beastie Boys single "Ch-Check It Out."

Whether you use a Mac or Windows, iTunes is free. Download iTunes today.

Get iTunes 4.5—the ultimate digital jukebox.
Take your music to go with iPod and iPod mini.
Sign up for New Music Tuesdays. It's a great reminder to download the free Single of the Week.*
Tell a friend about iTunes 4.5 and the free Single of the Week.

*Available only in the U.S. Requires iTunes and an iTunes Music Store account. Must be 13 or older. Terms apply.

**CD burning requires a compatible CD-RW drive.

† iTunes requires Mac OS X v10.1.5 or later, Windows 2000, or Windows XP. The iTunes Music Store is available only in the U.S. and requires iTunes 4 and Internet access. Terms apply.

iPod and iTunes are for legal or right holder-authorized copying only. Don't steal music.

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