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Jimu Robot Meebot Kit



Fast pans and quick cuts of details of MeeBot walking and dancing on a perfect white infinity background. Camera pulls back to see full body of MeeBot and graphics come up in synch with VO: Build. Program. Share. Scene closes with a close-up of MeeBot.


Welcome to the world of Jimu Robot, an interactive robotic building block system that lets you build, program and then share your own robots with the Jimu Robot community.

Jimu Robot kits come with everything you need to build your robot including the free Jimu Robot app.

Interlocking pieces snap together without needing any tools and the Jimu Robot app gives you 3-D 360˚ animated instructions that make assembly easy. Your robot’s pieces simply snap together by hand, no tools required.

With the MeeBot Kit you can create this adorable robot character. And with the Jimu Robot Animal Add-On Kit you can turn him into 4 different animals: a penguin, a parrot, a walrus or a ferocious T-Rex. Jimu Robot interconnecting parts are interchangeable so you can create just about anything you can imagine and then program it do just about anything you want.

The Jimu Robot app has 3 different ways to make your robot move. You can select a sequence of any of the pre-programmed actions, use the Pose, Record & Playback mode to program custom movements or directly control the action in the Remote Control mode.

The Jimu Robot play pattern is aligned with STEM curriculum and bridges the gap between learning at school and learning at home through a creative and extremely gratifying experience that kids love.

When you’ve finished building and programming your robotic creation you can share it with other Jimu Robot enthusiasts all over the world by uploading photos or video to the Jimu Robot Community found on the app.

You can visit the Jimu Robot Community often to see what’s new and get inspiration for your next robotic invention. Or check out to see how many “likes” your latest creation has received!

Jimu Robot, the fun and easy way to Build, Program & Share your very own robots. The Jimu Robot MeeBot & Animal Add-On Kits can only be found at Apple Stores and on Apple.com.

Jimu Robot, the fun and easy way to Build, Program & Share your very own robots. Make your imagination move.

  • 概述

    使用 UBTECH 的 Jimu Robot Meebot 机器人套装,创作一款你专属的人形机器人,然后用 iPhone 或 iPad 上的免费 Jimu Robot app 为它进行编程。套装包含六个机器人伺服电机,能让你的机器人做出流畅又栩栩如生的动作。联锁块有各种排布方式,能卡合在一起,打造出预先设计的动物角色或任何你能想象出的其他物体。

    按照 Jimu Robot 免费 app 上的简易 3D 动画指令,拼装你的 MeeBot。然后运用这款 app 直观的编程功能,为它设计各式各样的动作。或者你可以使用 Swift 编写自己的代码,来配置和控制 MeeBot。完成之后,你可以拍摄 MeeBot 的动作照片或视频,然后分享到 JIMU Robot 社区,在这里你可以看到世界各地的 Jimu Robot 爱好者创作的机器人作品,并为他们“点赞”。




    基于 app 的 3D 构建指令具有 360 度旋转功能,可用于快速、有趣地打造预先设计的角色



    在 Jimu Robot 社区上传和分享你机器人的滑稽动作照片或视频

    世界各地的 Jimu Robot 爱好者可以给其他机器人作品“点赞”并从中汲取灵感




    201 个卡合联锁块和连接器




    免费 Jimu Robot app





    蓝牙兼容性:蓝牙 4.0






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