parental control

Does it have Parental control?

I'm hoping to set specific time a certain mac address can use the internet.

and if possible, block certain sites.

Can this router do any of the above?

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QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    Apple wireless networks are setup and managed by AirPort Utility.

    1. No website control through AirPort Utility. Macs have strong parental controls available in the Mac OS X operating system.

    2. Timed access control through AirPort Utility, yes, but you'd be surprised how many kids can figure out parental passwords, or know exactly where they're kept.

    After your wireless network is already working, you can setup Timed Access by:

    re-open AirPort Utility and click "Manual Setup" for your base station. Select "AirPort" at the top of the panel and "Access Control" underneath. At "MAC Address Access Control:" set the popup to "Timed Access" and then you'll be able to click the Add (+) button beneath a large entry box and enter the MAC address (Media Access Control, aka AirPort ID#) and (for your information) a description or name of the computer, iPod Touch, or other device you’re allowing to access the network.

    Choose a day of the week or Everyday from the day pop-up menu, and then choose either “all day” or “between” from the other pop-up menu. If you choose “between,” you can edit the times of the day by double-clicking in the time fields. You can enter begin and end times down to the minute.

    Click the "Done" button and then continue to add computer MAC addresses until finished. When the list is clomplete, "Update" the Extreme's settings, but don't forget to allow your own computer, printer, iPhone, etc. to also have access "Everyday" and "all day." If you have multiple AirPort base stations, you'll need to duplicate this list for each one.

    Anytime you want, you can open AirPort Utility to the Summary panel to check how many wireless clients are connected to your network. Click on the words "Wireless Clients" to see a list as well as each client's connection data: signal, noise, rate, and type.

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