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quitDOCK 1.2 (Universal)Freeware

Quit and restart the Dock and Dashboard.
Download 156K
Regex Widget

Regex Widget 1.7 (Universal)Freeware

An interactive widget for trying out regular expressions for JavaScript, and other languages (such as Sed, Ruby, or Perl).
Download 173K
Retro Forth

Retro Forth 1.5 (Universal)Freeware

A small Forth interpreter.
Download 22K

RFC822Date 1.0 (Universal)Freeware

RFC822 date string in a snap.
Download 143K
RGB Converter

RGB Converter 2.2 (Universal)Freeware

A widget that allows you to convert between RGB and HEX codes quickly. Also shows preview swatches.
Download 14K
Super Rule

Super Rule 2.0 (Universal)Demo

This widget is great for any web developer or designer just starting or who is already a pro with CSS.
Download 146K
Symbol Caddy

Symbol Caddy 2 (Universal)Freeware

Keeps a bunch of common special characters and HTML codes at your fingertips.
Download 98K
Tags - CSS

Tags - CSS 1.4 (Universal)Freeware

Quickly search CSS properties and attributes and easily copy them to your clipboard for use in any application.
Download 23K
Tags - HTML

Tags - HTML 1.4 (Universal)Freeware

Quickly search HTML tags and properties and easily copy them to your clipboard for use in any application.
Download 23K
Tags - PHP

Tags - PHP 1.4 (Universal)Freeware

Quickly Search PHP Functions and click to view the online PHP documentation or easily copy them to your clipboard.
Download 186K

tailDash 1.6 (Universal)Freeware

A Dashboard front end for the UNIX command tail.
Download 258K
Tango Palette

Tango Palette 1.0 (Universal)Freeware

Colors from Tango Desktop Project with one-click.
Download 182K

TheDashcode 0.1 (Universal)Freeware

Dashcode tutorials, tip’s and trick’s, news and design templates.
Download 1.2MB

TigerTan 2.1Freeware

Cute girl “TigerTan” says Tiger tips and RSS titles.
Download 288K
Widgetop Google Gadget Template

Widgetop Google Gadget Template 1.0.4 (Universal)Freeware

Convert any Google Gadget to permanently run as a stand alone widget on Dashboard
Download 27K
Widgetops Universal Google Gadget Widget

Widgetops Universal Google Gadget Widget 1.3 (Universal)Freeware

Easily run your favorite Google Gadgets on Dashboard.
Download 26K

WidgetTerm 1.5 (Universal)Freeware

Terminal widget with fully functional UNIX terminal. The best way to do a quick task using command-line.
Download 246K

Widgipedia 0.1 (Universal)Freeware

Get the best Widget resource on the net.
Download 99K
YourMinis Widget Template

YourMinis Widget Template 1.0 (Universal)Freeware

Create your own Dashboard widget out of any YourMinis widget.
Download 24K

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