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Spirit & Truth Fellowship - Video Podcast

Spirit & Truth Fellowship - Video Podcast 1.0 (Universal)Freeware

10 minute video teachings from the Word of God. Taught by various teachers from Spirit & Truth Fellowship International.
Download 1.5MB

SwedishTV 1.0 (Universal)Freeware

A dashboard widget that presents a nice view of the Swedish TV schedule from http://www.dagenstv.com/.
Download 232K

teletext 2.0.3 (Universal)Freeware

Displays teletext pages of Austrian, Belgian, Dutch, German, Irish, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and Swiss channels.
Download 36MB
TNG Time

TNG Time 1.1 (Universal)Freeware

Widget displays date, time, stardate and week with a Star Trek TNG look.
Download 62K
Trek Core News Feed

Trek Core News Feed 1.0 (Universal)Freeware

Up to date feed on what is happening at TrekCore.
Download 420K
Trek Trivia

Trek Trivia 1.1 (Universal)Freeware

Over 250 trivia facts about all five live-action Star Trek Television series in one compact widget.
Download 811K
TV Forecast

TV Forecast 2.4.3 (Universal)Freeware

Keep on top of all of your favorite TV shows with a TV forecast personalized to your own taste.
Download 215K
TV Magazine Widget

TV Magazine Widget 0.9 (Universal)Freeware

Latest news about Brazilian television and what’s on air on cable and free channels.
Download 52K
TV Show Tracker

TV Show Tracker 1.3.3 (Universal)Freeware

This widget lets you track all of your favorite TV Shows really easily in a user-friendly interface.
Download 210K

TVgids 1.5.2 (Universal)Freeware

Daily program guide for popular Belgian shows (in Dutch).
Download 358K
UK TV Guide Widget

UK TV Guide Widget 1.3 (Universal)Freeware

Find out what’s on TV quickly and easily.
Download 196K
Upcoming MythTV Recordings

Upcoming MythTV Recordings 1.0.1 (Universal)Freeware

Displays the upcoming recordings from your MythTV server.
Download 230K
viewmy.tv Apple TV Widget

viewmy.tv Apple TV Widget 3.0 (Universal)Freeware

Watch free Internet TV right on your dashboard with the viewmy.tv Apple TV Widget.
Download 291K
VLC Remote Interface Widget

VLC Remote Interface Widget 0.2.1Freeware

Control VLC Media Player remotely over your network using VLC’s HTTP Interface.
Download 110K
Voyage of the Dawn Treader Movie Countdown Widget

Voyage of the Dawn Treader Movie Countdown Widget 1.0 (Universal)Freeware

Counts down to the US release date of the third Narnia movie, Voyage of the Dawn Treader.
Download 156KB
Widget CineTV

Widget CineTV 4.6 (Universal)Freeware

French Cine and TV Listings linked with VLC, iMagneto, EyeTV and iCal
Download 1.9MB
X-Men lll iTunes Remote

X-Men lll iTunes Remote 1.0Freeware

Take control of your iTunes with this slick, official X-Men III Remote Widget, featuring six of your favorite X-Men mutants.
Download 372K

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