A college job that drives change and exceeds expectations.
Be an Apple Campus Rep.

If you love exploring the ways technology enhances your college life, you could be great at sharing your knowledge with others. As a Campus Rep, you’ll work from your campus and around your class schedule, helping students and faculty have the best experience possible with Apple. And like college itself, working with Apple can take you where you want to go — and where you never imagined.

Lead, inspire others, and get things done.

Being a Campus Rep takes an understanding of Apple technology and the ability to represent Apple on campus. You’re an ideal candidate if you’re comfortable planning events, performing product demos, connecting with student groups, and prioritizing tasks effectively.

Get noticed and get connected.

This is more than just a college job — it’s a chance to get your resume off to an incredible start. You’ll work with the Campus Rep Program and the Apple Education Sales team to foster key campus relationships; engage with students, faculty, and staff; and drive Apple initiatives on your campus.


If you’re a student at a participating university, you can apply to become a Campus Rep. You’ll work part-time on your campus throughout the school year and summer.

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What Campus Reps
love about their job.

“Being a Campus Rep for Apple has been one of the most fulfilling and enriching experiences in my entire life. The Campus Rep team not only gave me the opportunity to make a difference on my campus, but also provided the tools and training I needed to make that difference at the highest level.”

—Justin Downey,
University of South Florida

“My experience as a Campus Rep has been unlike any other opportunity I’ve ever had. The unique experience of coupling your talents with the skills you learn along the way truly prepares you for the world outside of college. Being a Campus Rep allowed me to meet amazing people while educating them on the most powerful technological tools in the world.”

—Jasmine R. Douglas,
Jackson State University