iOS 8 in education.

iOS 8 lets students and teachers share and show their work like never before. New document workflows, AirDrop and AirPlay updates and new management features make iPad and iOS perfect for any classroom.

Better document workflows.

Students and teachers now have powerful ways to access, share, and collaborate on documents across all their devices and apps.

Simple access to class documents.

With iOS 8, third‑party apps can make documents available to other apps without making unnecessary copies. Now if students or teachers have an app that can access your school’s servers or other cloud storage, they can get to the document they need right from the app they want to edit in.

AirDrop between iPad and Mac.

AirDrop lets users transfer files between iPad and Mac even without an internet connection, making it easy for students and teachers to quickly exchange documents.

Easier AirPlay setup and sharing

With Apple TV, students and teachers can use AirPlay to wirelessly stream content on iPad to any HDTV, letting teachers share materials and allowing students to present their best work to the whole class.

Peer‑to‑peer AirPlay discovery and playback.

iOS 8 lets student and teachers wirelessly connect iPad to Apple TV without first connecting to the school network. This means anyone in the class can present or share their work even if they are not on the network or if Apple TV is on a different network.

Better data and device management tools

IT administrators have even more ways to manage school information and documents, providing them the tools they need to support teachers and students.

New ways to manage books and PDFs.

iBooks, ePubs, and PDF documents can now be automatically pushed to user devices using mobile device management (MDM) so users always have what they need. And, when the materials are no longer necessary, they can be removed remotely.

More powerful device management capabilities.

New MDM capabilities help IT administrators do more with the iOS devices they manage. They can set the device name remotely and prevent users from adding their own restrictions or erasing their device. New queries let administrators see the last time a device was backed up to iCloud so they know whether it’s safe to perform certain management tasks. MDM enrollment details on the device have also been redesigned so it’s easier for users to understand policies and what is being managed.

Data management and content filtering.

IT administrators can also control which apps have permission to open documents downloaded from school domains using Safari. They can also set up rules for controlling which apps can store documents in iCloud. And, a new networking framework in iOS 8 makes it possible for third‑party networking developers to create powerful content‑filtering tools.