Ideas that jump off the page.

Be inspired by students and teachers around the world who are creating amazing new learning materials with iBooks Author on a Mac.

With iBooks Author, it’s easy to bring together different types of learning materials into a single Multi‑Touch book for students to discover the way they learn best.

In “Lighting Essentials,” Simon McIntyre created simple HTML widgets that allow students to interact and experiment with temperature techniques and color effects right from their iPads. His manual is a great reference tool for students, whether they are working at home or out on a shoot location. And, since iBooks Author makes it easy to share these beautiful, interactive books on the iBooks Store, Simon is now able to reach students in a distance learning program and teach the foundations of lighting as if they were right in the studio with him.

Group projects bring great ideas together.

Teachers and students are using iBooks Author to turn the page on a whole new kind of group or class project. Calie Kuehnert and her eighth grade Life Sciences students worked together to produce a fun-filled way to learn about Invertebrates. It offered each student a chance to show off his or her individual talents — and share them with the world.

Multi‑Touch books do more than just help students learn new material. Content creation and production with iBooks Author encourages students to work collaboratively, while taking pride in their unique contributions.

Calie Kuehnert tasked each of her Life Sciences classes with creating a chapter for a course called “Invertebrates.” Her students enjoyed dividing up the tasks they most wanted to work on — some chose to design and edit in iBooks Author, while others wrote copy using Pages, or captured photos and video with the built‑in iSight camera on iPad. And one of the highlights for Calie’s eighth graders was publishing their project to the iBooks Store, so kids around the world can discover Life Sciences in a whole new way.

When students struggle with a concept, or have a great idea, creating an original piece of work in iBooks Author gives them a way to think through the topic from multiple angles — with words, pictures, videos, and more.

Leio Oshima McLaren was having a tough time understanding the formation of rocks and how they can change, so he used iBooks Author to help him learn it differently. Leio used 3D images of garnet, ruby and turquoise, and interactive vocabulary diagrams on things like sediment. He even included a review chapter with multiple‑choice questions that reward right answers and alert wrong ones. Leio not only mastered metamorphic and igneous rocks for himself, he also helped his classmates understand a really hard topic by giving them “Rock on with the Rock Cycle” to study from on a Mac or iPad.