Electronics recycling gets you an A in Environment.

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Limited time. Unlimited good.

From May 23, 2016 to October 2, 2016 Apple will recycle your school’s old, unwanted Mac computers, PCs, and qualifying peripherals from any manufacturer — for free, all you need to do is register by September 2, 2016. There’s no purchase required, and all accredited K-12 and higher education institutions in the 48 contiguous states, Alaska, and Washington, D.C. with at least 25 recyclable items1 are eligible to participate.

Giving old electronics new life.

Not all recycling programs are created equal. The recycling processes Apple uses are secure and environmentally responsible. So you can rest assured that your old electronics are on their way to a better place — not in the ocean or overseas landfills.

How the recycling program works:

First, you’ll need to register by September 2, 2016. Then, all products must be packaged according to our detailed packaging instructions. Hard drives on machines picked up for recycling are not scrubbed. Prior to shipping equipment for recycling, you should (a) delete data on the hard-disk drives and any other storage devices in the products; (b) back up or transfer any data prior to deletion; and (c) remove any removable media, such as diskettes, CDs, or PC Cards. Apple has no responsibility for loss or confidentiality of customer data on recycled equipment. Last but not least, you must recycle a minimum of 25 items1.

We accept any brand of the following equipment: computers, monitors, laptops, printers, fax machines, scanners, desktop-size copy machines, CD drives, hard drives, TVs, VCRs, projectors, overhead projectors, networking equipment, cables, keyboards, and mice.

To register for the program:

  • Fill out the online form. An Apple representative will contact you directly to coordinate the pickup. Or you can call 408-862-0008 to speak with a member of the Apple Education Recycling Team.

Why recycle with Apple?

Leveraging the Apple Recycling Program for Education ensures that your retired equipment will be disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner, with special consideration given to data security:

  • All recycled hard drives are ground into confetti-size pieces.
  • Customers receive a certificate of destruction for each lot recycled through the program.
  • All asset tags and other identifying information are destroyed in the destruction process.
  • All of the electronic waste collected through the program is processed domestically in the United States.