Student teachers reimagine the textbook.

Educator Seán Ó Grádaigh is preparing a generation of digitally engaged teachers — and making a positive impact on schools across Ireland. He’s developed a university program that empowers student teachers to create a digital curriculum in their native Irish language. As a semester project, Seán sends his students on a journey to create a Multi-Touch book with iBooks Author.

“By learning how to create their own content, our students aren’t just becoming better teachers but passionate authors of Gaelic textbooks that are needed in Irish schools.”

Seán Ó Grádaigh, Lecturer, School of Education, National University of Ireland, Galway



Mapping out an engaging experience.

“A well-designed learning resource integrates audio, images, interactivity, and learning activities that cater to all types of learners.”

Seán Ó Grádaigh



Students use iPad to go beyond the classroom.

iBooks Author
Putting the pieces together.

Next, Seán’s students make their book with iBooks Author. After selecting a style and layout option, they drag and drop their images into a template and use interactive widgets to add videos, photo galleries, Gaelic text, chapter reviews, and more. When all the content they’ve created is in place, students preview their book in iBooks on Mac and iPad to make sure it meets their goals.

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“Rather than teaching educational technology, we focus on content creation.”

Seán Ó Grádaigh



Students use iBooks textbooks to advance their teaching — and their future.


Students put their material to the test.

To try out their content, students use AirPlay to project their iBooks textbook during graded teach-backs with Seán and their peers. They also take their textbook into Irish immersion schools during their teaching practice. By the time they graduate, Seán’s students have become content creators, published authors, and experienced teachers.

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Seán’s students’ employment rate vs the national average*

The Gaelic edition of the students’ final book, Geography Field Investigations - Coast, is available for free in the iBooks Store. It’s used today in many schools across Ireland.

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“I can help a school, not just a classroom,
rise to new levels.”

Clár Ní Inglis Ní Éideáin, Student Teacher at National University of Ireland, Galway

Create your own book.

With iBooks Author, everyone can design and publish a Multi-Touch book. Check out our beginner’s guide to iBooks Author, and get inspired by what other educators are creating.

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