Withings Smart Body Analyzer


[Good mood and bells music starts]

Scene opens with man in his bedroom who wakes up, stretches and then proceeds to leave his bed to weigh himself on the Smart Body Analyzer (His wife on the other side of the bed continues to sleep).

He then stands on his scale, bare foot. The camera then closes up on the scale and his feet to display what exactly the scale is measuring.

The scale starts displaying his weight ["Instant weight"] then his body fat in percent ["Body composition"] his heart rate ["Heart rate measurement"]

Then, the scene cuts to a wider shot of the bedroom of the man standing on the scale while displaying the Withings app screen on the right side of the screen. The screen displays two charts of data with a pop-up that says ["Automatic upload of your results"].

The next scene shows the man in the kitchen where his wife is having breakfast. He takes a slice of bread with butter and jam. His wife looks at him and seems to disapprove.

Cut to close up on a bunch of keys, including a car key. The mans hand is taking the keys.

Scene then cuts to a close up of the scale in the bedroom. Woman walks up to the scale and touches the scale with her foot. The scale then displays information including CO2 and temperature ["Indoor air quality monitoring"].

The next scene cuts to a wider shot where the mans wife opening a window. Then, scene shows a clock on a wall and an iPhone displaying a chart with the CO2 level evolving and decreasing over time.

Scene then cuts to the man lying on a couch and eating chips. The app screen in the foreground and shows his weight increasing ["Visualize your trends"].His wife goes by and takes away the chips.

Scene cuts to the man sitting at a table in front of a salad with a glass of water. He then puts some croutons on it. The app screen shows the chart of his weight decreasing. Cut to a close up of the bunch of keys. The man takes them except the car key.

The shot is separated into two images. The man is walking in the street on the first part (left side) and when he reaches the second image (right side), it shows him bicycling in a park with a river and building in the background.

Scene cuts to a close up in a fridge. It shows the man opening it to find cheese and some fruits. He is happy to see that there is cheese, but then he changes his mind and takes the fruit plate instead.

Scene cuts to a wide shot in the bedroom. The man is dressing up while weighing in ["Monitor your progress"]. His wife is sitting on the bed with a coffee while she watched him weigh himself. The app screen on the foreground displays the weight chart going down.

Scene cuts to end card. The picture of the Smart Body Analyzer slides from the left, against a white background. The text slides from the left ["Smart Body Analyzer The one-stop health tracking scale."].