Limited Edition Sphero 2.0 Revealed by Orbotix

Sphero Revealed 2.0

[Emotional Music]

Young boy carrying Sphero box walks into bedroom and sits down. Boy takes Sphero out of its box and taps it twice. Sphero glows. Boy then peers inside the Sphero 2.0 windows at the inner robot and explores the included ramps and induction charging cradle in the rest of the box. Boy flips through quick start guide.

Cut to boy unlocking his iPod Touch and placing Sphero on the ground. The inner robot in Sphero readjusts as the boy aims the ball and begins driving the illuminated orb down a dimly lit hallway. The iPod Touch screen shows a virtual joystick that the boy uses to precisely control Sphero.

Cut to boy running down the stairs. Cut to boy holding Sphero in his hand and tilting in in all directions to control a video game on an iPad Mini.


Boy expresses a sense of wonder as he holds Sphero up in the air. Cut to bedroom where boy is sitting at table and again holding Sphero in the air as he beings to become inspired by Sphero. Boy places Sphero on table and begins to sketch on paper. .

[Music picks up tempo]

Boy opens up plastic organizer bin with electrical components inside and beings to sort through them. Cut to boy aiming Sphero, and jumping it over the set of ramps. Cut back to boy unspooling wire and touching it to a motor turning it on and off. Cut to Sphero on a dimly lit kitchen counter changing colors with its build in LED's as boy moves his finger across a color wheel on the screen of his iPod Touch. Sphero drives off screen. Cut back to boy connecting wire to and LED and having it turn on and off. Boy is using screwdriver and assembling parts, and it is revealed that he has build a small robot out of a soda can that buzzes and moves around on his desk. The boy smiles as we watches his creation successfully move around. /

[Music becomes quiet and emotional once more]

Cut to Sphero being placed in induction charging cradle and changing colors as it goes to sleep. Behind it the boy is also tucked into bed

[Text Titles]

For the curious ones. Exclusively available at the Apple Store.