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Belkin Valet 充電底座,適用於 Apple Watch 及 iPhone

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Watch the Belkin Valet™ Charge Dock video

Valet™ Charge Dock for Apple Watch + iPhone

The Belkin logo appears before the screen fades to black.

The light reflects off a glossy, black, T-shaped bar.

A caption reads: Valet™ Charge Dock for Apple Watch + iPhone

One side of the bar is longer, with a hemispherical black object at the end.

A green lightning bolt flashes across its white surface to indicate electrical charge.

A matt-black Apple Watch slots over the white disc. The watch display screen reads: 90% charged.

A caption reads: Built-in charging for Apple Watch

The thick rectangular base of the stand has a small chip on top. An iPhone is slotted onto the chip. The iPhone display screen reads: 100% charged.

A caption reads: Built-in charging for iPhone

On the back of the rectangular base is a dial. Green arrows indicate the dial can be moved either left or right to lower or raise the connecting chip to fit the device.

A caption reads: VersaCase™ dial for case compatibility

There is a charged iPhone docked on the connector chip, while an Apple Watch sits on the raised arm, charging. The front of the base is marked Belkin.

A caption reads: Simultaneous charging for Apple Watch and iPhone

A caption reads: Valet™ Charge Dock for Apple Watch + iPhone

Three charge docks in white, black, and baby pink each have a matching iPhone and Apple Watch docked on them.

The Belkin logo appears in green.

A caption reads: People Inspired Products®

  • 概要

    Belkin 充電底座適用於 Apple Watch 及 iPhone,讓你只需要一條充電線,便能同時為你不同的 iOS 裝置充電。底座設計簡約,配備適用於 Apple Watch 的整合式磁力充電器,以及適用於 iPhone 的整合式 Lightning 接頭。


    只需使用一條內置 AC 連接線,便可為你的 iPhone 及 Apple Watch 充電

    包括適用於 Apple Watch 的整合式磁力充電器

    適用於 iPhone 的整合式 Lightning 接頭



    Valet 充電底座,配備 Lightning 接頭

    Apple Watch 磁力充電器


    Apple Watch 錶帶托


    長度 : 8.8 厘米/3.4 吋

    寬度 : 13.4 厘米/5.2 吋



    製造商產品編號 : F8J183ttBLK-APL

    UPC 或 EAN 編號 : 745883730575


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