LuMee Duo LED 燈光護殼,適用於 iPhone 8 Plus/7 Plus

  • HK$598
    顏色 - 玫瑰紅色
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LuMee Duo

LuMee Duo

This is the LuMee Duo. Say hi, LuMee.

LuMee Duo is a case that gives you professional, studio-quality lighting for your photos.

And for capturing those great moments on video.

Plus, it's a drop resistant case, so it always keeps your phone protected.

Press the back button once to turn on the selfie light.

Press it again to switch the backlight on.

If the lights are too dim or too bright, you can hold the back button to adjust the brightness.

LuMee has its own battery, so it will never use your phone’s.

That also means you can use it as an ambient light for your photos.

LuMee lets you capture everything in a warm, radiant light anytime, anywhere.

At dawn or dusk

Inside or outside

With LuMee, you always have the perfect light to capture life's best moments.

  • 概要

    專為攝影師而設計,LuMee Duo LED 燈光護殼助你以 iPhone 拍攝更令人讚歎的影像作品。全賴 Duo 配備獨特的專業質素前置和後置 LED 燈光,為你帶來所需的柔和自然燈光,拍攝出色的相片和和電影作品。

    擁有超卓的流麗設計,這款隨處合用的工具集保護和照明功能於一身。而全賴其整合式電池供應,讓你在出門拍攝時,無需擔心 iPhone 的電量耗盡。


    無閃爍前置和後置 LED 燈光


    輸出照度達 2000 勒克斯 (前置) 和 2600 勒克斯 (後置) 的燈光




    3600K 開氏度色溫


    LuMee Duo LED 燈光護殼,適用於 iPhone

    Micro USB 連接線


    外形設計 : 硬殼

    物料 : 硬塑膠、柔軟觸感、TPU

    電源 : 電池電力

    電池續航力 : 約 30 至 40 分鐘連續使用時間



    製造商產品編號 : LD-IP7PLUS-ROSEMT

    UPC 或 EAN 編號 : 814167022160


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