olloclip Mobile Photography 鏡頭套裝,適用於 iPhone X

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olloclip Mobile Photography Lens Box Set for iPhone X

Olloclip Connect X video transcript

This is the Olloclip Connect X Lens System for the iPhone X. It now unlocks with the push of a button, and clips onto the camera around back. But, can also accommodate the front. So you can share more of what you discover, remove the clutter, or just get up close and personal.

To get this up and running, first squeeze the round button to remove the clip from the pendant. There's only one way to attach the clip, and the logo marks the front camera, while the W1X or T2X marks the back. To install your lens, pull the handle back to retract the peg, then align your lens to either the W or T mark, and clip it in.

Now whenever you're ready to shoot, use those finger muscles you've been training, and squeeze the button to expand the clip, making sure the logo is facing forward. Slide it over the corner of your iPhone, and it will lock in place. You're not limited to the back camera though, easily remove just the lens, and snap it on to the front to take all the group selfies.

Remember that the iPhone X includes both a wide 1X and Telephoto 2X camera. So you can flip and mount your Olloclip lens to accommodate either orientation. And that's it, you're ready to go out and start capturing the world around you.

If you're feeling adventurous, though, the clip can hold up to two lenses, and then can easily be swapped between cameras. Oh, and, don't forget about the pendant, though. The random cutout on the inside is actually useful. Once you split it open, it doubles as a tripod. Say cheese.

With the updated and expanding clip design, it now works seamlessly onto any screen protector you use because safety first. And if you're really into customization, it also works over back skins too. Unfortunately, you guessed it, it still won't work on any cases. Whether it be a tough case, sci-fi looking, folio, or no matter how thin your case is. So slap on your old clip, open the camera app, and the rest is up to you.

  • 概要

    適用於 iPhone X 的全新 olloclip Mobile Photography 鏡頭套裝提供三款鏡頭,帶來無與倫比的影像質素、用戶體驗和靈活性。魚眼、超廣角和 15 倍微距鏡頭為你帶來眾多拍攝選項,讓你可利用 iPhone 拍攝更廣闊的相片,又或將拍攝目標拉得更近。這款鏡頭系統已申請專利,能與你 iPhone 的前後鏡頭輕鬆對齊,並可擴展以配合幾乎所有螢幕保護貼使用。

    Connect X 可互換鏡頭系統

    專為 iPhone X 而設,全新的 Connect X 可互換鏡頭系統不但具備 olloclip 以往屢獲殊榮的所有設計特色,更讓你可快速裝上其他 iPhone X 鏡頭*。現在你可快速互換鏡頭,輕鬆應付不同的攝影環境。



    魚眼鏡頭帶來獨特的 180° 球面特效

    超廣角鏡頭以 4 組鏡片組成,帶來超過 120 度的廣角感覺

    15 倍微距鏡頭帶來極致的特寫效果

    已獲專利的 ConnectX 可互換系統簡單易用,組件能即時固定貼合,無需使用額外的零件




    僅適用於未裝上護殼或已裝上「olloclip-ready」護殼的 iPhone


    olloclip Mobile Photography 鏡頭套裝 (魚眼、超廣角和微距鏡頭)





    高度 : 4.6 厘米/2.05 吋

    寬度 : 5.6 厘米/2.19 吋

    深度 : 5.2 厘米/1.8 吋

    重量 : 50 克/1.7 安士



    製造商產品編號 : OC-0000257-EA

    UPC 或 EAN 編號 : 817311013922


    注意 : 此網站上銷售的非 Apple 品牌產品,是由其製造商專門供應及支援,適用的條款與細則請詳見產品包裝內附的說明。Apple 之有限保障服務不適用於非 Apple 品牌產品,即使是與 Apple 產品共同包裝或銷售。如需技術支援與客戶服務,請直接聯絡該製造商。


    *上一代的 Connect 鏡頭並不兼容 Connect X 鏡頭系統。同時並不兼容非「olloclip-ready」的 iPhone 閃光燈或護殼。

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