olloclip 超廣角 + 長焦距鏡頭,適用於 iPhone 8 / 7 及 iPhone 8 Plus / 7 Plus

  • HK$998
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olloclip Ultra-Wide + Telephoto Lenses for iPhone 8/7 and iPhone 8 Plus/7 Plus

[music plays]

Fade from black to an iPhone rotating with olloclip Lenses attached.

(On-screen text)

[olloclip logo]

Ultra-Wide + Telephoto Lenses

Cut to a large garage, where two women with motorcycles are taking pictures with their iPhone. They are posing on their bikes.

(On-screen text)

Explore. Dream. Discover.

Cut to woman removing the clip from the Pendant Stand and attaching it to her iPhone.

Cut to woman taking more photos of her friend on the motorcycle.

(On-screen text)


A still shot shows her friend sitting on her motorcycle. The photo is taken with the olloclip Lens, and shows a wide field of view.

(On-screen text)

ULTRA-WIDE (with graphic icon).

Cut to an image of the clip with lenses installed.

(On-screen text)


Lenses pop out of the clip, showing that they are removable. Graphics point to each of the lenses to show which lenses are included.

(On-screen text)

TELEPHOTO (with graphic icon) and ULTRA-WIDE (with graphic icon).

Cut to a man walking towards an old car with a cool paint job. He squats down to take a photo of the car.

A still shot shows the photo he took of the car, which is cropped tightly and has a flat depth of field.

(On-screen text)

TELEPHOTO (with graphic icon)

Cut to a team of men running around an old fountain in a courtyard. One man is standing on fountain edge taking shots with his iPhone.

Cut to aerial view of the men doing push-ups around the fountain while other man is taking photos.

Cut to stick figure graphic of man with trees on either side, and a mountain behind him indicating a wide view. Zooming in, we see the same graphic but with a red box surrounding only a portion of the graphic with the stick figure man.

(On-screen text at top-left)

iPhone Only (indicating that the iPhone can only get a portion of the view)

Zooming in further, we see an enhanced, tighter crop on the stick figure with a purple box surrounding the frame.

(On-screen text at top right)

Telephoto (indicating that the Telephoto Lens can get a closer shot)

Pull out even further to see the same graphic but with an orange box surrounding the entire graphic.

(On-screen text at top-right)

Ultra-Wide (indicating that the Ultra-Wide Lens can get a wider shot)

(On-screen text at bottom-center)


Cut to a man and woman taking in the view from a street bridge.

Cut to a close-up shot of the man with his iPhone and olloclip Lenses attached.

Cut to a flyover shot of the man shooting a video of two motorcycles passing by on the bridge.

Cut to a close-up shot of the man's iPhone while he plays back the video he took of the passing motorcycles to his friends. We pull back and see everyone watching the video, smiling and laughing.

Cut to a rotating view of the olloclip Lenses attached to an iPhone.

Cut to the olloclip logo against a black background.

  • 概要

    olloclip 長焦距及超廣角鏡頭,為你帶來比 olloclip 廣角鏡頭更寬闊的視角,以及 2 倍光學變焦,助你提升 iPhone 鏡頭的拍攝觀點。此套裝還配備 Connect 鏡頭系統,讓你可靈活地替換適用於 iPhone 8 / 8 Plus 及 iPhone 7 / 7 Plus 的其他 olloclip Connect 鏡頭。


    替換其他適用於 iPhone 8 / 8 Plus 及 iPhone 7 / 7 Plus 的 olloclip Connect 鏡頭



    與你 iPhone 的前後鏡頭輕鬆對齊


    拍攝影片、縮時攝影、全景和 360° VR 相片的理想之選

    適用於未裝上護殼或已裝上 olloclip Slim 護殼 (獨立銷售) 的 iPhone*


    olloclip 魚眼鏡頭

    olloclip 廣角鏡頭

    olloclip 微距鏡頭

    iPhone 8/7 鏡頭夾 + 掛飾企架

    iPhone 8 Plus/7 Plus 鏡頭夾 + 掛飾企架




    高度 : 3 厘米/1.2 吋

    長度 : 4.6 厘米/1.8 吋

    寬度 : 6.36 厘米/2.5 吋

    重量 : 54 克/1.9 安士



    製造商產品編號 : OC-00000285-EA

    UPC 或 EAN 編號 : 817311014295


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    *並不兼容任何其他護殼或 iPhone 的閃光燈功能。不建議配合螢幕保護貼使用。