Twelve South PlugBug Duo

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Supercharge your MacBook Charger with PlugBug Duo

Meanwhile in the land of MacBook Charging...

[Man gets new MacBook to replace current laptop. Laptop slides into place but no USB accessories can be connected]

[Woman is in airport waiting for flight and needs to charge her MacBook, iPhone and headphones. Only one outlet is available so not able to do so]

[Man wakes up in London hotel, needs to charge his devices but only has a US plug which does not work in the outlets]

[MacBook charger appears on screen, rotates to allow PlugBug to attach. Additional international adapters appear on screen]

[Man is holding PlugBug Duo, shot cuts to desk where all his devices are charging because of PlugBug]

[Woman holds PlugBug Duo, shot cuts to bench at airport where all her devices are connected and charging while she works]

[Man holds PlugBug Duo, attaches UK international adapters and plugs into wall socket]

[Montage continues with PlugBug adapting for use in the UK, Australia, Europe and China]

[PlugBug spins]

PlugBug Duo - Supercharge your MacBook Charger!!!

  • 概要

    Twelve South PlugBug Duo 讓你無需使用連接器,即可透過單一插座,同時為你的 MacBook 和其他兩部裝置充電,以簡化你充電配置。PlugBug Duo 可接合任何型號的 MacBook 電源轉換器,並配備兩個標準 USB 充電連接埠,為你的 iPhone 和其他裝置提供電力。除此之外,這款小巧的充電裝置更可用作全球通用的充電器,並隨附五款常用的插頭,適用於全球大部分國家或地區。



    讓你透過單一插座,同時為你的 MacBook 和其他兩部裝置充電,例如 iPhone、iPad 或 AirPod

    為你的 MacBook 電源轉換器新增兩個標準的 USB 充電連接埠

    五個全球通用的轉換器,適用於超過 150 個國家或地區

    提供 2.1A 電源,能為所有 iPhone 及 iPad 型號快速充電

    可用作 iPhone + iPad 的獨立全球通用充電器

    可配合所有 Apple USB-C、MagSafe 2 及 MagSafe 電源轉換器使用


    Twelve South PlugBug Duo





    製造商產品編號 : 12-1706

    UPC 或 EAN 編號 : 811370021584


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