iPad at Work

Streamline your daily business tasks with apps that eliminate paper-based processes, give you real‑time information, and improve efficiency of common office activities. Explore the tasks below to learn how iPad can change the way you work.

Access files.

iPad gives you immediate access to all your important files. And with easy‑to‑use business apps on iPad, you can review and edit Microsoft Office and iWork files, fine-tune presentations, and annotate PDFs on the fly. Learn how to access and share documents anywhere on iPad.

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Edit office docs.

iPad allows you to continue working on important projects even when you’re away from your desk. With powerful apps on iPad, it’s simple to edit and create Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations anywhere. Find out how iPad can help you be productive anywhere.

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Create forms.

iPad simplifies all your business-critical tasks, whether it’s managing inventory, tracking shipments, or invoicing clients. With iPad and apps from the App Store, get equipped with ready-to-go solutions to keep your operations on course. Learn more about the ways iPad can streamline essential business tasks wherever you are.

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Attend meetings.

The incredibly thin and light iPad design, 10-hour battery life2, and convenient wireless connectivity make iPad your mobile office on the go. Attend or host online meetings with clients, share agendas, and make video calls with colleagues using FaceTime. With iPad, it’s simple to present and share your ideas with immediate impact. Find out how iPad can make your business meetings more productive.

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Take notes.

iPad makes it easy to capture business notes in the format you find most useful. Whether you prefer to type, hand-write, or dictate your notes, there’s a note-taking app for you. With its thin, light design and instant-on power, iPad is always on hand to record important information. Discover the many ways you can use iPad to make the most of your business notes.

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Invoice and sell.

iPad is the perfect mobile companion to process and manage your business finances anywhere. With ultrafast wireless connectivity1 and an amazing 10-hour battery life2, iPad keeps you connected all day long, so you’re always ready to make a sale. Discover how to manage your financial transactions and improve sales with iPad.

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Manage customers.

iPad is an incredible mobile sales tool to help you manage all your customer relationships. With its wireless connectivity, iPad gives you on-the-spot access to your CRM database for customer information, sales data, and task lists. Find out how to get mobile access to all your important customer information on iPad.

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Analyze reports.

iPad gives you quick access to your business data without being tied to your computer. The large LED-backlit display on iPad brings your business metrics to life and helps you find the right answers fast, so you can make key decisions even when you’re away from the office. See how iPad provides you with a real‑time connection to your business and sales data in just a few taps.

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Brainstorm ideas.

With its large LED-backlit display, super-fast graphics, and 10-hour battery life2, iPad makes it easy to share and brainstorm ideas in a visually compelling way. Use iPad to turn hallway discussions into professional-looking sketches, instantly share whiteboard ideas with offsite coworkers, and mark up PDFs on the go, all with just a few taps. See how iPad can help you collaborate with clients and colleagues in a whole new way.

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Give presentations.

iPad is the perfect way to share high-impact Keynote or PowerPoint presentations. From client meetings to executive boardrooms, the large LED‑backlit iPad display and powerful presentation apps give you everything you need to deliver your message in a rich and compelling way. Discover how iPad can help you give amazing presentations.

  1. Data plans sold separately. See your carrier for details.
  2. Battery life varies by use and configuration. See www.apple.com/hk/en/batteries for more information.