Explore the resources below to understand how to use, integrate, and support iPad in business environments.

iOS Security

Learn how iOS is designed with security at its core. Download the PDF

Technology Overviews

All Deployment Scenarios

A consolidated document with all of the deployment scenarios below.

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Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync

Overview of how iPad communicates with your Microsoft Exchange Server via Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.

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Standards-based Services

Summary of support for the IMAP mail protocol, LDAP directory services, and CalDAV calendaring and CardDAV contacts protocols in iOS.

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Virtual Private Networks

Explains supported VPN capabilities of iOS via the built-in VPN client or through third-party applications from Juniper and Cisco.

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Introduction to the support of industry standard wireless network protocols, including WPA2 Enterprise built into iOS.

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Overview of usage of certificates in iOS including secure authentication and encrypted communication.

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Security Introduction

Explains how iPad protects against unauthorized access, safeguards data at rest, and enables secure access to corporate services.

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Apple Configurator

Overview of Apple Configurator and how it can be used to mass configure iOS devices.

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Mobile Device Management

Overview of the Mobile Device Management capabilities of iOS including the ability to securely enroll, wirelessly configure, monitor compliance, and remotely wipe or lock managed devices.

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Deployment Guides

Exchange ActiveSync and iOS Devices

Overview of how iPad communicates with your Microsoft Exchange Server via Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.

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VPN Server Configuration for iOS Devices

Describes how to configure a VPN server for use with iOS.

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Over-the-Air Profile Delivery and Configuration

Describes how to build a server that generates profiles and delivers them to iPad devices over-the-air.

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Distributing Enterprise Applications for iOS Devices

Describes over-the-air installation of iPad applications in an enterprise setting.

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Apple Configurator Help Guide

Explains how to use Apple Configurator to mass configure, supervise and assign devices.

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iOS Configuration Profile Reference

Describes the property list keys used in iOS Configuration Profiles.

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Configuration Utility

Describes how to use the Configuration Utility to create Configuration Profiles.

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Deploying iTunes for iOS Devices

Explains how to deploy iTunes in an enterprise environment and provides settings and restrictions you may specify.

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App resources

@Work - Apps for Business

Explore best-in-class apps for business in the iTunes App Store @Work business collection.

Learn more

iPad How To’s

Subscribe to this how-to podcast series featuring built-in and commercial apps for business.

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Getting Started Guide

Self-paced, app discovery guide featuring business apps from the App Store.

Download the PDF

Volume Purchase Program Guide

Buy apps in volume and equip your organization with apps that make users even more productive.

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Essential Apps for Business

A collection of business apps for common business tasks.

Starter Kit Analyze Business Data Capturing Ideas, Notes and Tasks Collaborate Anywhere Create and Edit Business Documents Create and Sign Forms Customer Relationship Management Distributing and Accessing Files Manage Transactions Anywhere Manage Travel and Expenses Preparing and Delivering Presentations Tap Into Your Network Time and Billing

iPad at Work

Read about how to be more productive at work with iPad and great apps for business in these knowledge briefs.

Explore the iBook Accessing and Managing Documents Business Intelligence Business Processes Collaboration Customer Relationship Management Edit Office Documents Presentations Mobile Meetings Sales Transactions Taking Notes

Configuration Resources

Apple Configurator

An OS X app that makes it easy for anyone to mass configure and deploy iOS devices.

Learn more

iPhone Configuration Utility

A desktop application for IT administrators to easily create, maintain, and sign configuration profiles.

iPhone configuration utility for Mac OS X iPhone configuration utility for Windows

Support Resources

Enterprise Support

Download the Configuration Utility, read knowledge base articles, and participate in enterprise user discussions.

Learn more

AppleCare OS Support

Provides enterprise-level incident support for IT teams responsible for networking, configuration, and troubleshooting iOS devices. Learn more

iOS Direct Service Program

Gives enterprise customers and in-house support teams the ability to order replacement devices on behalf of employees if the devices are under AppleCare Protection. Learn more

Development Resources

iOS Developer Enterprise Program

Apply to the iOS Developer Enterprise Program to start building and deploying your own iPad applications to employees.

Learn more and apply

In-house App Accelerator Guide

A guide for understanding the process for developing an In-house app for your organization. Learn more

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