AppleCare Pay-Per-Incident Support

If your Apple products aren’t covered by complimentary support, an AppleCare Protection Plan, or AppleCare+, you can purchase a single incident of support.

To purchase pay-per-incident support, call (852) 2112-0099.


For Apple Products

Purchase a single incident of support for help troubleshooting Apple products such as AirPort devices, Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, iPod, or Mac computers; Apple operating systems such as iOS, OS X, or OS X Server (GUI only); Apple-branded consumer apps, such as FaceTime, Find My iPhone, iLife, iTunes, or iWork; or Apple-branded pro apps such as Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro.


Cross-Platform Integration

Purchase a single incident of support for system and network configuration issues including mixed-platform integration support and assistance with command-line interface tools.

For More Information

Please review Apple's Terms and Conditions for further details on AppleCare's Pay-Per-Incident Support Offerings.

AppleCare Products

Purchase an AppleCare Product and get unlimited telephone technical support and hardware coverage for the life of the plan.