Apple Service Programs

Apple Service Provider Program


Apple's Service Provider program is designed for resellers and service providers that are interested in offering service to all Apple customers, whether they are consumers, businesses, educational institutions or government organizations. Authorized Apple Resellers and businesses that specialize in service, but do not resell Apple finished goods products, are eligible for Apple Service Provider authorization. Universities and colleges may apply for Service Provider authorization to deliver repair services to their customers. Apple-certified technicians must perform all Apple Service Provider repairs.

Apple Service Providers repair Apple products in their own authorized service locations, at customer locations*, or by facilitating repair service performed by Apple (where applicable). Service Providers must honor customer repair requests for products covered under Apple's Limited Warranty, AppleCare Protection Plan, or AppleCare extended service agreements and are entitled to parts, travel, and labor reimbursement for repairs covered under these plans.

*Customer Onsite service delivery requires specialized approval. Service Providers who wish to perform onsite service must request the option at the time of account set up.

Apple Authorized Service Provider Program

Resellers, value-added resellers (VARs), service providers, and educational institutions may apply for Apple Service Provider authorization. Authorization permits Apple product repair delivery to all Apple customers, whether they are consumers, businesses, educational institutions or government organizations. Apple Authorized Service Providers (AASPs) perform upgrades, setup and installation, warranty repairs, and other value-add services that generate significant incremental revenue. AASPs may choose to be included in Apple's web service referral system, which enables customers to easily find the nearest AASP.

Apple Limited Service Provider Program

Resellers, including universities and colleges authorized to sell Apple products, may apply for Apple Limited Service Provider authorization to allow delivery of repair services to their customers only. Limited Service Providers may not advertise to the general public that they are Apple service authorized and therefore are not included in Apple's web service referral system.

Requirements and Benefits

Apple authorizes, solely at its discretion, those organizations that provide service on selected Apple products.


Baseline authorization requirements for all prospective service provider organizations follow:


Authorized Service Locations

Authorized service locations are permanent repair facilities that meet Apple standards for performing diagnostics, repairs, modifications, alterations and upgrades on Apple hardware products. Authorized service locations must employ Apple-certified technicians who are directly responsible for Apple product repairs.

Apple Service Tools and Information

Additional program features include access to the following service tools and information:

Note: These features are subject to change or discontinuance at any time.

AppleCare Service Source provides online access to comprehensive troubleshooting and repair information on Apple products, including:

Self-Paced Training Materials are provided online at no additional charge to all Apple Service Providers. This training is accessed via GSX and includes:

System Requirements

To access Apple service information and resources, you must have Internet access either through an Internet Service Provider or LAN/WAN connection, and an Apple Macintosh computer with Mac OS X and Safari v1.2 (or later), or a PC with Windows 2000 or XP, and Internet Explorer 6.x.

Apple Service Training and Certification

Apple-certified technicians must perform all Apple Service Provider repairs and each service location is required to maintain appropriate staffing levels to achieve fast customer repair turnaround time for both desktop and portable products.

Technicians can become certified by Apple to repair a category of products, such as desktop computers, by obtaining the proper Apple service certification. Apple service certifications include:

Each certification requires passing a hardware and a software (Mac OS) exam. Technicians who decide to pursue multiple service certifications need not take two Mac OS exams; the same Mac OS exam meets the requirement for all certifications.

Up-to-date information on becoming an Apple-certified technician is available here.

Additional Information

Questions regarding Apple Service Provider Programs can be sent to Responses are provided in 3-5 business days.

You may also contact Apple Inside Sales for information about Apple's consultant, reseller, and service provider programs.