Get the right protection. Tested to the limit.

Each case design for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch has to go through a series of tests before it reaches the Apple Store. So you can be sure the case you buy is a perfect match for your iOS device.

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We analyse how a case fits, so you can still access every button, port and jack. And a series of drop tests tells us the design is strong enough for day-to-day use.


Cases are tested to make sure they don’t block your camera’s field of view and flash, or affect photo sharpness and colour fidelity.


We compare audio tracks to ensure a case won’t affect FaceTime, compromise a phone call or change the way you listen to your favourite song.


Your device can have all kinds of sensors for ambient light, Touch ID, and more. We test those, too. So they work the same with the case on or off.

Cellular and wireless

Even with a case on, we want to be certain your device has signal quality that meets Apple standards – including signal for your mobile network and Wi-Fi.

Get just the case you want.

From cases to covers, we’ve got what you need.

Shop all iPhone casesiPhone Cases Shop all iPad casesiPad cases

When performance testing, our test lab considers the way a customer would typically use a third-party case with their iOS device. Cases intended for exercising, underwater use, or other unique environments may include design elements and materials that affect your experience with your iOS device. Testing cannot replicate all circumstances and environments; your iOS device may still suffer drop, water, or other damage while housed in a case. Testing does not imply any endorsement or suggest any warranty of third-party items by Apple Inc.