Promise VTrak x30 Series 4U RAID Subsystem Service Parts Kit

  • HK$29,998
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  • Overview

    Keeping spare components on hand for quick and easy swapping of crucial parts makes good business sense. With the high hourly rates generated by editing suites and other mission-critical applications, it's essential to eliminate even the smallest storage glitch. That's why this kit includes a spare RAID controller and power supply module for the VTrak x30 Series 4U RAID subsystem. And there’s no special training or certification required for the tool-less hot-swap of these components.


    Easily swapped parts for quick repairs

    Spare RAID controller

    Spare power supply module

    What’s in the Box

    VTrak x30 Series Fibre Channel RAID controller module with 4GB RAID cache

    VTrak x30 Series 750W power supply module for 4U RAID Subsystem

    Tech Specs

    Connections : Fibre Channel

    Manufacturer Information

    Part Number

    UPC or EAN No. : 704118079599


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