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Watch the Play Impossible Gameball demo

Play Impossible Gameball

Introducing Play Impossible Gameball

[Visual tour of playing with Gameball.]


[Kids playing]

Hey, can I play?

[Kids playing]

Yeah, there's actually an app.

Toss it up

Double tap it

Toss until you reach exactly twenty feet in twenty seconds

[Kids playing]

Twelve feet to go. Nine feet to go. Too far.

[Kids playing]

Charge it up before we keep going.

Four-three-two-one and full!


  • Overview

    The Play Impossible Gameball is an active game system that gets you moving, laughing, and showing off your skills with a smart ball that connects to your favorite iOS device or Apple TV. The free Gameball app comes loaded with single player and party games bringing people of all ages together with fun and challenging movement based games built on the power of play.

    Connect, compete, and win

    Instantly connect Gameball to your iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Apple TV using Bluetooth and then challenge yourself and your friends in games that emphasize hand-eye coordination, agility, and creative thinking. Single-player games include Impossible, a platformer that begins easy and gets progressively harder with ever-increasing heights, RPMs, and airtime challenges to test your ball skills.

    Family fun in motion

    Multiplayer Showdown is a race game that sets up face-to-face ball play. Party Time encourages four or more players to compete in silly challenges that will have your family and friends competing and laughing for hours.

    Think physical

    Skyscraper and Sport Labs tap into both STEM and your competitive nature as precise airtime, height, speed, or catch force is recorded to better understand the physics of sports. If you want to study ball physics further, export session data straight to your favorite spreadsheet editor via Sport Labs.


    Rapid Charger refuels Gameball in just 20 seconds for a full hour of play

    Using two Gameballs increases the variety of games you can play

    Records airtime as experience points (XP) each time you play, so you get rewarded with new levels and achievements

    Earn more experience points (XP) by completing daily missions

    Share your high scores on your favorite social networks, iMessage, or email

    Splash is a virtual water balloon toss game where you try to keep the Gameball in the air longer by catching softly; catch the ball too hard and the water balloon “pops”

    Jostle updates the classic struggle of keep away; take turns with a friend and try to keep the ball still, while your opponent tries to make your Gameball move

    Hot Taters is modern day hot potato; don’t get caught holding the ball—last player wins

    In Rally, you and your teammates try to keep the Gameball in the air with taps, hits, volleys—and no drops

    Navigate the app hands-free using the Gameball as controller with tosses and taps

    App keeps score and can broadcast action from across the room or yard

    Play Impossible updates the free app with new games and challenges throughout the year

    Recommended for ages 9 and older

    What’s in the Box

    Play Impossible Gameball

    Rapid Charger

    Two AA alkaline batteries

    Quick start guide

    Tech Specs

    Bluetooth Compatibility : Bluetooth 4.0

    Power Source : Battery

    Batteries : AA

    Battery life : Gameball capacitor up to 2 hours. 200 re-charges from AA batteries in Rapid Charger.

    Charge Time : Approximately 20 seconds.

    Stand By Time : Approximately 6 hours.

    Height : 5 in./12.7 cm

    Width : 5 in./12.7 cm

    Depth : 5 in./12.7 cm

    Weight : 5 oz./142 g

    Manufacturer Information

    Part Number

    UPC or EAN No. : 671875732404


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