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Pela Eco-Friendly Case for iPhone XR

  • HK$328
  • Color - Black
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Pela iPhone Cases

Pela iPhone Cases

[Music begins]

Ever wonder… What happens to your plastic phone case once you’re done with it?

[Garbage filled body of water]

Yeah… Pela wants to create a waste free future, by removing 1 billion pounds of plastic from the ocean! And you can help!

[Pela iPhone cases appear]

Introducing... Pela! Truly sustainable phone cases.

[Phone case slides across moss]

100% compostable, made of flax, thin and light, durable and protective, eco-friendly!

[Pela phone cases wiggling]

Let’s create a waste free future together!

[Pela phone cases appear]

One phone case at a time.

[Pela logo appears]

Everyday products without everyday waste.