Does the Apple TV 4K truly require HDR?

It does say something like that in the tech specs sheet on, but it's not the best sentence construction, and leaves it ambiguous as to whether an Apple TV 4K with HDR requires a 4K TV and HDR, to say nothing about the sentence also seeming to require these things for video *streaming* (which is HLS, I'm guessing). As for 4K, I'd imagine I could get an AppleTV 4K and hook it up to one of my 1080p screens and it would work just file, probably also auto-selecting the best resolution and using it to decide which version of the content to be downloaded. Y'know, just like HD can fall back to SD for whatever reasons.

But on the other hand, if they meant "respectively", it means you just won't get HDR enhancement if your TV doesn't support it.

It'd be nice to get a solid answer from Apple folks.

The actual sentence on Apple's page: "Requires 4K and HDR TV for 4K and HDR streaming"

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  • Basicly apple u scales all of the content, even if it is 1080p this means that it adds an HDR effect which retracts from the colour slightly on 1080p screens, but if you have a 1080p screen it will never dip below. This is the same for if you had a 4K tv it would never dip below 4K

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