Can I play BBC Radio 4 through HomePod?


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  • With iOS 13.2 on iPhone and HomePod there is now a simple way of adding this (even if native support would be appreciated). I use the following shortcut with the Receiver Radio app but is should work with any radio app that has support for Apple Shortcuts or Siri. You need to have saved particular stations as favourites. Open the Shortcuts app. Click the plus button to create a new shortcut. Next, click ‘add action’. Choose ‘Apps’ and scroll to Receiver. As you have a set of favourite stations saved, choose the one you want the Shortcut to play. Deselect ‘show when run’ in the action sheet you have just created. Now click the plus button to add the next step, which transfers your station to HomePod. Click back from Receiver and Apps until you see the options palette again. Go to ‘Media’ and search for ‘hand off playback’ (you can do this from the search field on the main screen too). Add the ‘Hand Off’ action to your shortcut. You’ll see an instruction which says ‘Hand off playback from SOURCE to DESTINATION’. Click source and choose iPhone. Click destination and choose HomePod. Finally, click the blue ellipsis beside ‘New Shortcut’ to give your shortcut a name, which will be used when you ask Siri to play. So, something like ‘play BBC Radio Four’. Save the shortcut and you’re done. Now, simply say ‘Hey Siri, play BBC Radio Four’ and the Shortcuts app will invisibly transfer playback from your phone to HomePod.

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  • Airplay will allow you to play anything from Safari etc

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  • Download the BBC Sound app and airplay to Homepod

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  • As per Stephen K answer but perhaps use the word 'start' rather than 'Play' as this is used by Apple Music. I couldn't get the Receiver Shortcut to work with Siri until I substiuted the word.

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  • Correction. The plus button is NOT version dependant. It is device dependant. On an iPhone you have a plus button to open the actions pane. On an iPad you already have the actions pane open to the left so don’t need a plus button.

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  • Yes, it will play R4 content, but only the comedy panel shows. Please note, HomePod has struggled playing content from Radio 6 Music, Monday to Friday between 7.30am and 10.30am too.

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