Does it need a constant wifi connection for timer to work

I want to use this in the kitchen to turn on a slow cooker in the middle of the day when I am out. I am assuming I can set a timer for it to come on at a specific time. The wifi connection from the kitchen is quite weak so sometimes it drops out. Does the wifi connection need to be working at the time I have set for it to switch on, or does it simply only need to be connected to the wifi when I set the timer? So if I set the timer using my phone, and then later the router crashes, would the switch still come on at the time that I set it for?

Eve Energy

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  • It uses Bluetooth LE for a connection with a nearby phone or tablet, or to stay connected through intervals with a designated homekit iPad or Apple TV. This product does not have a wifi radio, only bluetooth. It requires a homekit hub enabled iPad or Apple TV to allow the timers to be updated from outside your home. For this to work, you need to have the Eve Energy in bluetooth range of your homekit hub. The device stores the timer settings once they are setup.

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