is this cable compatible with non 4k tv's?

Belkin UltraHD High Speed 4K HDMI Cable (2m)

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  • HDMI cables all have the same port on the end. The difference is that the newer version of the cable 2.1 (the most commonly used is 2.0) in this case has a higher bandwidth enabling 4k video at 140hz (the hertz rating is the FPS) where as the older cable will only do 4k at 60hz. the answer is yes this cable is compatible with any TV, monitor, dvd player or many other products as long as they have a HDMI port on them, but if you buy this cable or any other HDMI 2.1 cable it will allow for better quality and future proofing if you decide to get a better tv or other HDMI compatible product.

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  • Yes, as long as it has a HDMI input.

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