Despite the older thunderbolts ports, can this be connected using appropriate adapters to a mini mac mid 2011?

I thought the whole concept behind an eGPU was to offload the graphics from the motherboard, thereby offering an improved graphics performance. I fully understand that my mini mac still provides a 10Gb/s limit at the thunderbolt port connection but surely offers an option to drive newer higher resolution monitors within the confines that the eGPU can conceivably produce at that connection speed thereby offering all mac users with a backwards compatible upgrade path, even providing USB 3 if the firmware allows?

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  • If you are just driving higher res monitors with a new GPU it is theoretically possible. Adding in the USB3 would be the problem due to bandwidth. A single USB3 port would consume half the bandwidth of your TB1 port. Even if you could get the setup working, a large data transfer over the USB3 port might cause performance issues. Theres a reason TB1 only supported 2 1080P monitors...

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