What is the drive spec......read/write

LaCie Mobile Drive 4TB External Hard Drive USB-C

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  • ~140MBytes/s read & write. (I have the 5TB space grey one, and tested with Blackmagic Speed Test; other sizes will be the same, BTW.) All USB 3 single drive portable (non-SSD) spinning HDD's, using either USB-A or USB-C, at 5Gbit or 10Gbit connections will feature similar maximum speeds when empty. Towards the end, as they fill to around 70-80% data stored on them, they typically lose some speed, so when only ~20% left they'll normally slow a bit. If you need higher speeds in this form factor (say ~500MBytes read/writes) you'll need a portable SSD of some sort, handily including the SSD versions of this LaCie model, though at significantly higher cost, of course. Whichever type you get; all these early-2019 LaCie 'Mobile Drive' models look nice, though!

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